50 Cent Insists Diddy Got Tupac Killed

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

50 Cent continues to tie Diddy to Tupac Shakur’s murder and even advises him to get a lawyer following new rumors he had some involvement in the slaying of the late West Coast rapper.

Diddy has been rumored for years to have some involvement in 2Pac’s death. However, nothing significant ever amounts from it further than mere rumors. Things started heating up surrounding the topic recently when Duane “Keefe D” Davis was arrested and hit with murder charges for the 25-year-old case. One thing is very clear: police have never stopped investigating the case in an attempt to break one of the biggest mysteries in hip-hop.

50 Cent raised some eyebrows yesterday when he made a post on Instagram telling Diddy, aka Love, to get a lawyer. Fif’s statement comes after an interview with a man purporting to be Diddy’s bodyguard claiming that the Bad Boy rap mogul. “Damn so pac got lined by brother love. LOL Time to Lawyer up, shit might get sticky,” Fifty wrote while sharing the iconic photo of Tupac riding shotgun with Suge Knight that was allegedly taken the night he was shot and killed in Las Vegas.

As if that post was a clear enough message, 50 Cent then aired out his grouses with Diddy during his performance at one of his recent shows.

“I hate when they leave me to talk because I always say the wrong thing,” 50 said sarcastically. “Last time they left me, I said something about Puffy. You saw that clip? I gotta stop doing that kinda shit. I been talking to a therapist to try to help me with the shit I been saying.”

“It’s some crazy sh** on my mind. Maybe I said that sh** about Puffy because he got 2Pac killed,” the rapper/actor added.

The exact date of the show is unknown, but 50 Cent recently went off on Diddy at one of his shows earlier this month when he told the audience why he doesn’t like the Bad Boy rapper, much to the delight of his fans.

Diddy has not responded to 50 Cent, nor has he addressed the fresh round of rumors accusing him of having an involvement in Tupac’s death. Nevertheless, he is a regular target of Fifty on social media, and it’s evident that the G-Unit honcho doesn’t like Brother Love.

An audio tape is also making the rounds of Keefe D alleging that Diddy offered him $1 million to kill Tupac Shakur. This has only raised more mystery surrounding Pac’s death and who is really responsible for it. Some of the alleged assailants involved in the shooting have reportedly passed away, but police believed Keefe D is one of, if not the only living assailant involved in Pac’s death.