Agriculture Minister calls on more people to protect local wildlife

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The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Students of Trinidad Muslim League Primary School, St Joseph take part in event hosted by the Forestry Division in St Joseph to commemorate World Wildlife Day. – Photo courtesy Ministry of Agriculture

Agriculture Minister Kazim Hosein has made a plea for more people to protect and celebrate the local wildlife.

He made the comment as the world commemorated World Wildlife Day on Friday with this year’s theme being Partnerships for Wildlife Conservation. The theme is meant to highlight the need for all sectors of society to work together to contribute towards sustainability, wildlife and biodiversity conservation.

In a release on Friday, Hosein said, “Our country is home to a rich array of unique and fascinating wildlife. We must celebrate the incredible biodiversity of our twin island state and recognise the importance of protecting our natural heritage.”

He added that Trinidad and Tobago is home to many endangered species including the Golden Tree Frog and birds such as the white-tailed sabrewing, Trinidad motmot and the Trinidad piping-guan or pawi. Hosein said many of these species are threatened by habitat loss, overhunting and are captured for wildlife trade.

Hosein said he is confident that the recent conservation initiatives were made will have a positive impact, he is certain that more work needs to be done to ensure the survival of the wildlife. He called on people to conserve and restore the animals’ habitats, combat wildlife trafficking, and promote sustainable practises that allow both people and wildlife to thrive.

In light of World Wildlife Day, Hosein participated in a school outreach programme at the ministry’s Forestry Division, Farm Road, St Joseph.

Students of the Trinidad Muslim League Primary School, St Joseph got lessons on biodiversity and conservation efforts by members of the Forestry Division and various NGOs.

During the event, Hosein participated in a simulation fire prevention exercise. At the end, he urged students to spend some time that day to appreciate TT’s wildlife beauty.