Apryl Jones Calls Omarion A ‘Narcissist’ Over Comment About Lil Fizz

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Apryl Jones claims that Omarion is not a good person, and she is tired of protecting him after the R&B singer claimed that he took the high road and did not react to her betrayal.

While on the Jason Lee Show, Omarion was asked about being betrayed by Apryl Jones, who cheated on him with his bandmate and best friend Fizz. The cheating reportedly caused Omarion and Lil Fizz to fall out for many years and also caused problems in the band.

However, Lee hinted that Omarion could have taken drastic actions against Fizz given that he was from Inglewood, but the artist said Apryl and Lil Fizz are getting their karma.

“We all reap what we sow you know what I mean and whatever energy and whatever weird intent that we create especially if it is a negative one you gon get it back 10 fold. Pain hits different when you have to sit in it,” he said.

Jones, however, said that people had a false impression of Omarion.

“Y’all got it confused y’all be sitting here looking at people like oh this is him and he’s a great person but you don’t f**king know that person, you ain’t know that person, you ain’t f**k um, you ain’t sleep…like stop. If a man or person does not want to be exposed, then start being good to the people you are with,” Jones said.

She continued, “Why would you think that a person that you treat like utter sh*t has to protect you?… I refuse to do it anymore…I won’t do it anymore, if you are a piece of sh*t you are definitely a piece of sh*t.”

Apryl Jones also claimed that she has never told her side of the story and she has been focused on raising her children. However, she says, “This is the year of the narcissist” and has had to “endure” dealing with Omarion while he was “full of sh*t.”

Jones also claims that “it ain’t what it appears,” referring to stories shared about her. She also urged that blogs should ensure that her side of the story is told.

“You want this work, Imma give it to you,’ she said.

Omarion and Jones seemed to be in a good place before his interview as they were seen together at Disney World with their two children as they celebrated one of their birthdays.