Beachy Stout’s’ son, found guilty of manslaughter in wife’s death Loop Jamaica

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A US Air Force Major identified as Andre McDonald, was on Friday found guilty of manslaughter in a Texas court in the United States for the February 28, 2019 death of his wife, Andreen McDonald.

The Jamaica-born McDonald who is 43 years old, is the son of 67-year-old Portland businessman, Everton “Beachy Stout” McDonald, who himself is awaiting trial in Jamaica for the murder of his two wives.

Andreen, who was 29 years old at the time of her death, also hailed from Jamaica.

The younger McDonald was initially charged with murder and tampering with evidence but the defence argued successfully for the lesser charge, citing that the Major acted in self-defense against his much larger wife who the court was told regularly worked out and who was shown on video in court playfully carry around McDonald on her back and lifting weights.

The couple, according to McDonald, argued after he found out that she had cut him out of a lucrative family business and had resumed communication with a former boyfriend in Jamaica. He claimed that after confronting her and threatening her with divorce she flew into a rage, attacked him and he defended himself. He admitted to kicking her several times and after she stopped breathing, transported her body in garbage bags to a wooded area where he disposed of it.

McDonald also admitted to removing his wife’s clothes which he returned and later burnt along with his, back at the couple’s home which they shared with a seven-year-old daughter at the time. He also said he returned to the body the next day and used a hammer to rein blows on the corpse before setting it alight after dousing it with gasoline.

McDonald’s body was not found for four months.

After more than 10 hours of deliberations on Friday, the jury in the Bexar County courtroom returned the guilty verdict.

Bexar County District Attorney, Joe Gonzales, said he intends to ask the judge to consider the maximum sentence, which for manslaughter is 20 years. A sentence on the manslaughter charge is expected to be handed down next week with sentencing testimony set to begin Monday morning.