Birdman Rush Druski and Snatch His Chain, Shocking Video Shows

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Birdman finally catch Druski lacking.

The Cash Money Records vs. Coulda Been Records beef might be real after all, as a member of Birdman’s team accosted Druski and his entourage and snatched his chain. On Saturday, a video was shared showing the moment Birdman’s crew had Druski and his crew making a mad dash through a building.

There are reports by TMZ that Birdman’s crew decided to pay Druski and his crew a visit while at a studio in Los Angeles. It’s unclear if the entire thing is just another stunt, but fans think that Birdman was not joking when he sent a warning to Druski last month.

In the latest video, four men are seen approaching Druski, along with a small group of men. One man tells Druski to “take that piece off,” to which the comedian says, “Bro, I just, I swear to God-” before being cut off. The man then goes up and snatches the chain and Druski can be heard saying, “Go go go,” as he and his crew run down some stairs and a corridor.

Birdman later posted the chain, which he held in his hand. “Surprise party b***h slippin in studio rich gang.”

Druski started a skit last year that his “Coulda Been Records” was at odds with Cash Money. He has since made several references to the made-up label feud many times. However, in October this year, Birdman made everyone feel like the beef was real after he responded to a post by Druski, saying, “Cash Money vs Coulda Been BEEF CONTINUES.”

“Bro you still playin with a real gangsta SMH,” Birdman wrote.

Drake also joked that the Cash Money CEO might make the comedian go missing. Druski and Birdman also hopped on a live weeks ago where he said he was “looking” for Druski after hearing that “you was in my neck of the woods.”

Birdman added, “Put some respect on my name bro. You playing on my name.”