Blueface Addresses Son’s “Kidnapping” Allegation, Chrisean Rock & K Suave

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Blueface is trying to stave off embarrassment after he removed his son from his bed at 4 am on Sunday only to end up in an accident with the child.

Baby Chrisean Jr. seems stuck between two controversial parents, and this has sparked concern for the child’s wellbeing after he was taken out of bed by Blueface, who took him to his own home. The child was not appropriately clothed, with just his pampers on and a t-shirt with no socks, trousers, or a hat and scarf in the chilly California early morning weather.

Despite the move, it seems that Blueface’s plan to embarrass Chrisean Rock backfired, and he ended up in an accident with the child. On Instagram Live, Rock claimed that Blueface was upset that she was out at the studio with her new man, K Suave, and she called out the rapper for kidnapping the baby when she doesn’t keep them apart.

The baby was being looked after by Rock’s best friend Marsh, who accused Blueface of hitting her in the face because she tried to prevent him from leaving with the baby.

Blueface IG Live

However, Blueface, who has not claimed the child as biologically his, is defending his decision and says that he did not like seeing the child sleeping on an air mattress.

“Marsh is not babysitting nobody, what do you mean? Why is my son in the bed with Marsh and the other kids? Why he don’t have a parent at 4 in the morning? You better be making a million f**king dollars,” Blueface said.

The curious question about what Blueface was doing so late at Rock’s house was also posed, as many felt that he and Rock were still sleeping together despite his engagement to Jaidyn Alexis.

“I pulled up. I knew she was gone. So if you gone, who is watching the baby?” he said.

The rapper also said he wanted Chrisean to leave what she was doing to come and get the child.

“Chrisean called Marsh and tell her to fight me and stop me from taking the baby…Marsh is an enemy to me, why are you trying to stop me from taking my child,” he said.

Blueface also described Chrisean and Jaidyn linking up as “going left,” clearly not what he planned, and when pressed by Jason Lee as to why he needs to go to Rock’s house at 4 am, he quickly answers.

“I’m out, I’m like f**k it I’m finna pull up. Pull up, walk in, it’s liking- the baby is not looking like a Blueface baby. It’s looking like… everybody around and I just wasn’t feeling it and I instantly picked up the child and say I’m outta here,” he said.

Chrisean Rock has accused Blueface of being mad and turning up at her home, knowing she was out with her new man on his birthday night. K Suave turned 26 on Monday.

In the meantime, it seems that Blueface and Chrisean did link up after they left Jaidyn’s house. On Live, Chrisean’s sister is seen picking them up from Blueface’s house to take them to Rock’s house.