Blueface Explains Why He Proposed To Jaidyn Alexis Amid Breakup

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Blueface says his fiancée, Jaidyn Alexis, has dumped him and taken their two children while he is left on his own to fend for himself.

The West Coast rapper revealed that he had to heat tinned Chef Boyardee Ravioli for his dinner instead of the elaborate dinners of chicken, rice, and salads that Jaidyn usually makes. The breakup came days after Jaidyn found out that Blueface went back to Chrisean Rock’s house on Tuesday night.

After she went over to Blueface’s house, she and Alexis trashed the house and also fought him. The “Thotiana” rapper also beat up both women, according to Jaidyn in a Live video.

Blueface’s messy life is catching up on him after he went over to Rock’s house at 4 am on Tuesday by what fans think was a booty call. However, he became enraged that she was out with another man and instead took their newborn son to get her attention so she could leave where she was.

Chrisean Rock

His plan backfired, though, as both Jaidyn and Chrisean Rock joined forces against him, a first-ever, and both women took on Blueface. It seems that after the fight and after the rapper went home with Rock while the “Barbie” rapper was drunk and sleeping, the mother of two dumped him. There are reports that Rock only removed him from the house so the fight would end, but they are not back together. Jaidyn seems to have moved in with Rock.

In a new video with Jason Lee, Blueface admits that he didn’t really want to be engaged to Jaidyn but was trying to make her happy.

“That’s where I got turned off. You probably not gon my wife if you got a ring and you finna leave with Rock and not answer my phone, recording – doing the sh*t that Rock does you get me,” he told Lee.

Lee also asked if Blueface felt that Jaidyn was playing him, but he said he believed she did not like him anymore.

“I think that Jaidyn doesn’t really like me. Like she loves me of course but I don’t think she likes me. We been dealing with each other since high school and it’s like look I’ll be real with you,” he said.

He added, “I proposed to Jaidyn to make her happy, I knew that would make her happy so my whole objective with all this stuff was not to make Rock mad, it was to make Jaidyn happy so after I done all of this and I see that she still not happy, now I’m unhappy. I just went got this game, got on one knee, I let it be known.”

Jaidyn Alexis has been quiet since the assault and has not said anything. It’s unclear if the police were called.

In other videos, Blueface also showed his dinner off as he boiled Chef Boyardee in a small pot for his dinner. He also can be seen tasting the food and claiming it was yummy.