Blueface Fiancée Jaidyn Alexis Signs Colombia Records Deal Amid ‘Barbie’ Success

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Blueface’s Milf Music label has brokered a record deal for his fiancée and mother of his two oldest children.

Jaidyn Alexis and Blueface were in high spirit as they revealed on Tuesday that she officially signed a record deal with Columbia Records through Blueface’s Milf Music imprint.

A few months ago, Jaidyn was mere Blueface’s baby mother, but stardom came knocking after the “Thotiana” rapper got her into the studio to sing diss records for his second baby mother, Chrisean Rock. Jaidyn’s recent “Barbie” has been a palatable single that’s just right for radio and streaming and increased her chances of being signed.

Blueface was ecstatic as he spoke to label executives.

“To Milf Music and you know being the marketing and budgeting behind Jaidyn so Columbia can see what we doing. I want to go far, I want to go to the top, I don’t want this to ever stop,” he told the label. The rapper continued, “I own you guys now, you guys work for us. Raise your glass if you work for Milf Music.”

In the video, Jaidyn was seen dancing before signing the contracts with no attorney in sight. However, it seems that Columbia was the right label as Blueface revealed last week that he was shopping around for labels that could take her career to the next level.

“First lady yea I’m signed n I’m sealed w a deal,” Jaidyn wrote in a celebratory post on Instagram.

“Shawty a lil baddie,” Blueface agreed in the comments.

As the two celebrate their latest wins on the heels of their engagement, Blueface’s ex-girlfriend Chrisean Rock posted a throwback video of her crying while she was with Blueface.

“One thing bout me I forgive but I don’t forget. I’m glad I’m free I got up n moved in my own home I’m glad that this isn’t me anymore I’m glad that wen I cry now it’s tears of joy,” she said on Instagram Story.