Blueface Leaks Chrisean Rock Text Wanting To Rekindle Relationship

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Blueface is getting back at Chrisean Rock for sharing a video of their recent phone conversation in what has turned into a game of tit for tat.

On Monday, the “Thotiana” rapper shared a screenshot of text messages he received from Chrisean Rock telling him that she is “waiting for him.” To be clear, Blueface recently proposed to his on-again-off-again girlfriend, Jaidyn Alexis, after ten years and two children together.

Chrisean Rock, who welcomed her first child for the Los Angeles rapper in September, has maintained that she is happy to move on from their tumultuous relationship and raise her child on her own. She even named the child after her, seemingly without Blueface’s consent. In a rant on X, formerly Twitter, over the weekend, Rock told her fans that her ex-boyfriend is hung up over her and is actually the one who wants her back. However, the messages he has now leaked paint the opposite of what she is saying.

“But to be clear I’m not giving Pu**y away my sh*t got way to much sauce,” she wrote in one text, while adding in a follow-up message, “In my head somewhere I’m actually waiting for you.”

Blueface also used the opportunity to take a dig at Chrisean Rock’s rumored new boyfriend Lil Mabu. “Make sure y’all add lil mabu career to my resume why is your girl texting me everyday bro…what she waiting on? …shambles,” he tweeted.

Blueface also takes credit for launching Lil Mabu’s rap career based on the PR he has been getting for attaching his name to Chrisean and Blue’s saga. “Everyone I wanna introduce you to my newest artist on milf music lil mabu he’s about to blow up,” he tweeted.

Chrisean Rock has seemingly admitted that she has been struggling to move on from Blueface and responded to one fan who told her that the best thing she can do now is to want better for herself.

“On God let me start wanting this Lord pls free me from my self I pray for strength to stay discipline n I pray for strength because having a child and knowing that his father don’t want anything to do with him is a tough thing to except so instead doing what’s hard I settle for the short end of the stick,” she wrote.

Blueface and Chrisean Rock have had a tumultuous relationship that often plays out on social media and on their reality TV show Cr*zy In Love. Over the past few years, we’ve seen them both getting arrested for various incidents, including breaking into his house and stealing his Mercedes-Benz G Wagon before driving the high-end vehicle across the country from Los Angeles to Baltimore.

We’ve also seen them getting into various fights that sometimes involved their parents and siblings. Perhaps them moving on is the best thing that they can do for each other. However, a child is now involved, and the baby’s well-being is already a topic of discussion.