Blueface Mother Says Tamar Braxton Responsible For Chrisean Rock’s Action

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

American R&B singer Tamar Braxton has broken her silence as she confirmed that Chrisean Rock hurt James Wright Chanel and denied that she invited Rock to her event to get clout. Blueface’s mom Karlissa Saffold suggest that the R&B singer is responsible for what happened.

In a video shared on Monday, Tamar confirmed that James was assaulted by Chrisean Rock but there were “events that were misconstrued.”

“I care about my team, they’re my friends and we put this all together for the fans. I’m not a clout chaser I don’t need that, my circle is this small…this show has been sold out for a month, I didn’t have an opening act because I knew that my sister was coming in the middle of the show and when you in different cities you invite people,” the R&B singer said adding that she viewed Rock as a little sister since they are both from Baltimore.

“I knew she was rowdy but I didn’t judge her because of that you know I felt for her on many occasions and this is somebody I wanted to meet and possibly take under my wing and because everybody knows I don’t have the best past,” she said.

The Braxton sister denied that she wanted Chrisean to perform at her show, which is said to be the reason the reality TV star hit James backstage the show.

“I didn’t call her and said ‘oh come and perform at my show’ I already knew Toni was planning to perform here at this LA show. She had sent her number before and we Dm’ed before and Chrisean is like a little sister… I didn’t call Chrisean to open up for for me but when she was in my dressing room we did a twerk-off portion and I said it would be cool if the DJ played ‘It’s A Vibe,’ and you came out and did a Vibe…” she added.

Tamar Braxton added that she always had performers sign contracts to avoid compensation problems when performing at her show. She admitted that that wasn’t the case with Rock in this instance.

“I think there was a misunderstanding,” Tamar said.

“This is a safe loving healing place and I have to apologize to my team if my silence have made you all feel like I have not been supportive to you and I also want to acknowledge Chrisean thank you for coming, thank you for your presence… I didn’t want to set you up, I didn’t tell nobody not to play your music,” Tamar said, adding that her team was traumatized and James was hurt.

The Braxton sister also broke down in tears as she said that she felt she was to blame and regretted the entire incident as she acknowledged how Chrisean might have felt.

Chrisean was accused by LeTroy Davis of being upset that she did not get to perform at the event.

“She wanted to drop a beat and she was mad she didn’t get to perform but I didn’t know she was a singer…first of all, she was up there a drunk fool, she crying she was upset that she didn’t get to perform,” he said adding that “Everybody is in there trying to calm her down but she is in here “rah-rah” like a dungeon dragon so James is like nobody tried to shade you or nothing we didn’t know you was supposed to perform and she is like ‘lie again’….She hit James right in the face, and chipped James’ tooth, James’ face is bloody, James is in the hospital.”

Rock has not directly addressed the allegations but has deactivated her social media accounts.

Blueface’s mother, Karlissa Saffold, also dropped in on Tamar’s post to disagree with Tamar’s post, which showed an equal amount of sympathy for Rock, who she said might have felt ‘set up’ to be embarrassed at a public forum.

“Bull sh** she beat up her mans momma don’t play dumb now.. you knew that baby needed help when you brought her there. Your security should be responsible for bringing her there knowing she’s worse than when she started. No ma’am she getting a power ranger pass. If you want to have her to help your following you need the proper security or wait until she is healed,” she wrote in the comments.

In a comment, Tamar also responded to Karlissa, where she revealed that James was left with chipped teeth and he had “gun damage”, a busted nose, and a concussion.

James Wright also shared a video of him at the dentist, where he said that he had to get his teeth fixed.

“My face is beat, it’s tore up,” James said in a livestream.

In the meantime, Tamar also addressed singer Tommie, who first claimed that Tamar tried to use her for clout.

“And before someone takes my phone…If you on cocaine and your name starts with T and u never even sold out a bag of blow pops… stay silent,” she wrote on Instagram Stories.

Tommie earlier in the day commented, “I just wonder would this one not all this rest but if she wasn’t there would this one have been this viral,” Tommie asked in the comments of a post about Rock deactivating her account.

Fans of Tamar, however, disagreed with Saffold. “Girl u are a Braxton a Braxton could never be a clout chaser I’m so sorry this happened to @jameswrightchanel .. he’s so pure and sweet sorry it happened at this show,” one fan wrote.