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The content originally appeared on: News Americas Now

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The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

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At first glance, people might have concluded that he was a mechanic trying to fix a problem that a parked vehicle had developed.

But a social media post indicated that he was a thief who managed to get under the vehicle’s bonnet and remove the car battery.

A viral 30-second video on social media shows the young man, his trousers hanging way past his waist, working feverishly to get the battery out of the car.

He glances around furtively as he takes out the battery, closes the vehicle hood, grabs a nearby bag, and appears to put the stolen item inside before making off.

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“This individual broke into this car to steal the battery in the car park above the government ministries today, Friday, February 3, 2023,” media worker Cameron Brown wrote on social media.

Brown said the car belongs to his son’s mother, but his son drives it.

He indicated that the battery theft was discovered at about 4:45 pm.

“He left my son stranded in the carpark as the sun was setting. Luckily he had an uncle nearby and I called a friend to check on him until his mon, who was closer than I was, bought a battery and got him on his way,” Brown explained.

“When justice is served, I hope his mother holds back her tears,” he declared regarding the young man who took the car battery.

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