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The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

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The owner of a car from which a brazen thief took a battery on Friday after prying open the bonnet found the item on Saturday morning.

According to reports, someone believed to be the thief dropped the stolen battery off outside the car owner’s residence in Castries.

The battery was in a bag.

The theft of the item went viral after a video of the thief extracting it from the car’s engine compartment appeared on social media.

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The 30-second video on social media shows the young man, his trousers hanging way past his waist, working feverishly to get the battery out.

He glances around furtively as he takes it out, closes the vehicle hood, grabs a nearby bag, and appears to put the stolen item inside the bag before making off.

The incident occurred in the car park in Castries above the government ministries, leaving the car owner stranded until he could get a new battery installed after discovering the theft at about 4:45 pm.

The fact that someone returned the stolen item to the owner’s home has led family members to believe that the thief had been monitoring the vehicle, looking for an opportunity to pounce without fear of being caught in the act.

But he was unaware that someone secretly recorded his criminal act and posted the video on social media when he eventually seized the opportunity.

Headline photo: Screen grab from video

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