Chrisean Rock Changing Son’s Name Because Blueface Is A Good Father

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Chrisean Rock has revealed that she is moving into her first home this week as she plans for the future with her son, who she also plans to rename after reconnecting with Blueface.

The rising artiste and reality TV star showed fans a glimpse of her and her son’s new home as she revealed that she was nervous. “I’m gonna cry guys. So, I got my first key. Somewhere I can call home and never get kicked out of. I’m shaking,” she said as she tried to put the key into the door.

Chrisean Rock is seen laughing and dancing in an outdoor space with her son while her dog runs around. She gave a brief glimpse of the home inside, which included a glass front, and she also walked outside, showing a pool and some palm trees gently flowing in the breeze.

In the meantime, Rock’s fans are upset after she revealed in another live that she planned to change her son’s name from Chrisean Jesus Malone Jr. to Johnathan Jamal Porter, effectively Blueface’s junior.

Rock also took to Instagram Live, where she told fans that she was “f**king with Chrisean Malone” after she stood up in church and named the child Chrisean Jesus Malone Jr at his dedication and said she was changing the baby’s name.

“Because he don’t have a deadbeat father. If we was still beefing it wasn’t gonna change, I don’t know. And I’m childish,” she said about the reason she named the child after her.

Chrisean Rock’s decision to change the baby’s name comes after she and Blueface linked up on Sunday to meet his son and shoot a music video with her being signed at his new label, Milf Music.“I’m changing it y’all. Guess what I’m changing it to? His daddy name!” she said.

Rock also called her fans “bums” and reminded them that she had more money than them after many disagreed with the decision to change the child’s name.

“Your child is not a prompt. You need to stop playing games when it comes to him. This is beyond insane. You changing his name because you and the BD on good terms for one second? Lord, please help her,” one fan wrote.

Another one reacted to the achievement of buying her first home. “Blueface probably the landlord”, one commenter said. “We all thought the baby was gonna was change her. Instead, she got more stupider,” another person said.

Chrisean Rock seems focused on raising her son and getting along with the other woman in her blended family, Jaidyn Alexis. Not only did she say she didn’t want any more toxic relationships anymore, but she also called Alexis her family.