Chrisean Rock Deeply ‘Hurt’ By Summer Walker TikTok Skit

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Chrisean Rock says Summer Walker’s viral TikTok video impersonating her hurt her feelings as she addressed fans who were upset about the video and Walker’s refusal to apologize.

Summer Walker posted the TikTok on Wednesday, where she used viral audio of Chrisean Rock imitating a conversation between herself and Blueface arguing and him dropping in Lil Baby’s name in the conversation. Walker goes further to add in a stuffed toy with the neck hanging down to mimic Chrisean’s handling of her newborn at Walmart last month.

Although some found the video funny, Rock did not, and it appears that the Crazy in Love cast member isn’t tickled by it either. While on Instagram Live, Rock said she didn’t plan to address the video, but she was hurt about it and reached out to Walker to remove the video.

“On God bro, I say that video. I’m like oh yeah she thinks she funny,” Rock says, adding that the video triggered her and “lowkey hurt my feelings for real.”

“You do a positive thing instead of mocking somebody It’s giving clout,” Chrisean said. “I’m really that b**tch… if I did a f**ked impression of you it would come off as disrespectful right? I DM’ed Shorty. I texted her. I was like I’m on my grown woman sh*t, I’m really here to spread love…I don’t know what’s up with this Chrisean hate train but it’s got to go. So I’m kicking it out today. I was like ‘if you was real enough you wouldn’t have posted that TikTok’.”

Chrisean Rock also became emotional, noting that she was “human,” and she asked why the woman who recorded her in Walmart did not help her so she could hold the baby better.

In another video, Rock says Walker was “insensitive” after having jumped into her DMs to help her after the Walmart incident when she received major backlash.

“You’re very insensitive and you’re one of the females that reaching out in my DMs saying ‘Girl I love you if you ever need help or support, I encourage you to stay positive’ – like you one of them but you just mocked me on TikTok and went viral. So yeah my feelings is hurt but I sweat this industry is so cutthroat, very clout-driven,” Rock said.

Summer Walker, however, doubled down that Rock was being sensitive and her video was all fun and jokes.

“I really be forgetting I’m famous af, 2 million people make a TikTok or say the same joke everyone else said but I do it people butt hurt,” she said in one Instagram Story.

Walker added that Rock was a hypocrite talking about her hurt feelings when she beats up other women regularly.

“Sensitive about a TikTok that was viral way before I did it but you ain’t have no sympathy when you be dragging b***ches across the ground and dumbing (sic) in sinks just for looking at you funny, Let’s please tighten up it was never that serious,” Walker said.

Summer Walker also addressed London On Da Track’s baby mother Eboni Ivori’s TikTok mocking her BBL, noting that although it was made by her “baby daddy’s baby mama obsessed” with her, she still found the video funny.