Chrisean Rock Deletes IG And X After Criticisms For James Wright Incident

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Reality star Chrisean Rock has taken a social media hiatus and deactivated her social media accounts on Sunday following reports that she would be charged with assault on Tamar Braxton’s backup singer James Wright.

On Sunday, Rock announced that she needed a break.

“I’m deactivating all my pages… love ya! See y’all later God Bless,” she wrote on Twitter before proceeding to deactivate her Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Chrisean Rock did not, however, deactivate her son’s Instagram page; instead, she moved to Snapchat, but she has not made any posts since the deactivation of her other accounts. Her exit on social media came after she was accused of hitting James Wright Chanel, a backup singer for Tamar Braxton, last Friday night.

The backup singer was reportedly punched after Chrisean accused them of not allowing her to perform at Braxton’s R&B Love & War concert after she was invited by Tamar.

Videos of the entire thing have gone viral, with a drunken Chrisean awkwardly loitering on the stage as Tamar performed and even antagonized the backup singers. In one instance, she is also seen in a photo op moment with Tamar and Toni Braxton and a gentleman bending over and shaking her butt at them.

Toni Braxton’s shocked look also went viral as she looked at her with disgust.

In the meantime, before Chrisean deactivated her account, she claimed that everybody made mistakes and she is still learning.

“I don’t know, like everything is just overwhelming. I’m still leanring. I love my baby. He’s a good baby. Imma tighten up, straight up, f**k is you talking bout, Big Rock got this,” she said.

In the meantime, fans of Chrisean Rock called out James Wright Chanel for being silent and not showing his injuries while accusing him of “clout chasing” off of Rock.

However, the beloved backup singer revealed in an Instagram video that Rock did put her hands on him.

“Child I was an innocent voice… I don’t know what be wrong with people, I really don’t. All I did was went to work child. I went to work and get my job… I got to cancel work today, I have work today, I have two jobs I have to sing today and I had to miss it,” he said as he thanked fans for having his back.

Despite Chanel’s friend LeTroy Davis threatening to file charges against Rock, no police report has officially been filed.