Chrisean Rock Fans Allegedly Threatens Tamar Braxton Team Member, Turn Up At His Home

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Chrisean Rock’s fanbase, the Rockheads, seems to have taken things to another level as they allegedly turned up at the home of Tamar Braxton’s show production manager, LeTroy Davis, and threatened him.

Davis was the one who ousted Chrisean for allegedly punching James Wright Chanel in the face on Friday night and causing him to have teeth damage and suffer injury to his face. Rock and her team have blatantly denied the allegations that she hit Wright despite multiple witnesses from Braxton’s camp claiming to be eyewitnesses.

However, Davis says since he revealed that Rock hit his friend, her fans have been harassing him, and some even showed up at his house on Wednesday night. The creative says he is now fearful for his life. On Thursday, he posted a text message sent to members of his team cautioning them to be careful.

“Hey look I love you guys. Don’t know y’all like I know ***** but I would never want to see anything happen to y’all. Please hire security at least for a few months. I don’t mean just for the tour I mean in general as well,” the text message read.

In the comments, Davis responded to a fan who said the entire thing was way out of hand.

“Yeah and NOBODY is protecting me so if I end up dead. Nice to know everyone! Some of her fans have showed up to my house tonight but hey who cares,” he responded in the comment.

In the meantime, Davis was fired by Tamar Braxton on Wednesday. In an Instagram live video, Davis issued an apology to James for being the one to come to the public to speak about the incident with Rock.

“I got really angry and frustrated, and emotional and maybe prematurely I was like James Imma call you back I’m gonna get on Instagram and let everybody know what happened, I didn’t ask him, I told him, so I do apologize to him,” he said.

Davis also clarified that he was the promoter who put on the Love & War show, which he helped to set up. Fans had previously dragged him for saying it was “my show” when he first revealed what happened.

“I’m no longer a part of the tour that I put together but in response I still want everybody to go, I think it’s a great show, I’ve sacrificed a lot- time, energy, money, connections, I have worked my a$$ off and for anyone to think I would sabotage something I took on for free- there was not a dollar or dime [paid] upfront. I actually think at this point everybody in this show made more money than me,” he said.

He also hinted that Tamar Braxton may have fired him because he refused to apologize to Chrisean Rock.

“I would not be issuing an apology for calling out somebody that is abusive and somebody that physically assaulted someone,” he said.