Chrisean Rock Says She Will Be Pregnant Again In 6 Weeks For Blueface

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Chrisean Rock is not happy about her fans and critics dragging her about her parenting as she revealed that she is doing her best and that her child is safe and healthy. The rapper/reality star admitted that she will be pregnant again in six weeks.

Rock has been backpedaling after fans said they were done with her after she said she was going to rename her son after his father, Blueface, following their reconciliation over the weekend. According to her, fans were worried for nothing.

“Y’all like ‘poor baby’, my baby is good. He got mfking headphones on and he snuggled up. F**k is you talking about. Y’all not about to be keep on talking about me about my parenting. I am a mom, I need to be in the studio, I am in a safe environment and I am at home. Simple. Y’all, like that is getting on my nerves,” she said.

She also revealed a video of her in the studio recording music with the baby in the studio.

Chrisean Rock was also criticized online for her holding of the young child. She was spotted in Walmart with her son and her dog. However, the three-week-old baby appears to be carried in a dog carrier, and his spine is bent as he lies sprawled out while his legs are bent at an angle and dangle at the bottom.

Many called out Rock for lacking maternal instinct and not carrying the baby properly by supporting his neck and back. Others pointed out that babies who are ill-positioned, especially during sleep, are predisposed to Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), which affects children under one year old.

In the meantime, Chrisean Rock, who reconciled with Blueface on Sunday, appears to be going back on her, saying that she and Blueface were done and that they are now going to focus on parenting their son.

In a new live video, Rock claims that she is going to get pregnant after her six (6) week break is up.

“When do you get off this break? Six weeks? I’m getting pregnant in six weeks,” she said while on Instagram life. Yeah, imma be pregnant in the next six months. Beware,” she said.

Fans also called out Rock for her statement. “She was just about to break her baby back but she want another one? God please step in,” one fan said. Another also brought up Rock’s mentioning that she was suffering from postpartum depression on Wednesday.

On the music front, it seems that Summer Walker is trying to link up with Chrisean Rock for new music. Walker posted on her story that she was reaching out via the DMs.