Chrisean Rock Says She Will Reach Kylie Jenner & Kim Kardashian Status

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Reality star Chrisean Rock says she wants to reach the heights of billionaire Kim Kardashian and her sister Kylie Jenner as she discussed the reason she keeps responding to critics.

While on live with her Baddies East cast member, Rollie, the aspiring artiste and reality show actress, says she will continue to respond to critics until she reaches the heights of fame and fortune like the Kardashian-Jenner clan.

It’s no secret that Kim Kardashian is one of the most famous women on earth not only because of her famous sex tape but also because of her ingenuity as a businesswoman, which landed her in the Forbes billionaire club. The mother of four is also studying to become a lawyer, but her social capital is envied by many since she lacks any normal talent, while her sister Kylie is also famous as a beauty mogul.

According to Chrisean Rock, she will stop responding to her haters when she becomes like Kim and Kylie. “Soon as I make my Kim K [Kim Kardashian], Kylie Jenner status, I’m not responding to none of you b**ches on God!”

The women were talking about the latest Baddies fight between Chrisean Rock and Woah Vicky, in which Chrisean’s sister Tsehki refused to fight Vicky over Blueface tweets she liked.

Rock was displeased that Vicky liked tweets by Blueface bashing her motherhood skills and posting a photo revealing her son’s testicular hernia. “That’s why I said I don’t feel like you were bullying Vicky and Anna because something happened prior to the show,” Rollie Pollie agreed with Chrisean.

According to Chrisean, her fighting and responding to haters is “giving them clout.

“That’s why I changed my [IG handle] name to @ChriseanChriseanChrisean because people keep talking about me,” Rock said about her fame growing in the black/hip hop and American popular culture.

Rock’s comments sparked many responses as some questioned and even doubted her ability to achieve fame and fortune like Kim Kardashian.

“She’ll never reach Kim K status, the highest level of fame she can attain is maybe Blac Chyna,” one person said. “Auto tune need to sit down and be a mother for at least a full month,” one said while another added, “Martin Luther King wasn’t the only one with a dream.”

Another also pointed out that Chrisean was not as family oriented as Kim Kardashian. “Unlike you Rock, Kim was able to compete with her sisters all while making them millionaires. You don’t even wanna share the spotlight. Never compare yourself to someone who had no problem putting her whole family on,” the commenter wrote.

Chrisean Rock is currently a cast on Baddies reality show as well as her own show with Blueface, Crazy In Love.