Chrisean Rock Shares TMI Video, Blueface Pulled Up To Fight Her Brother

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Blueface continues to antagonize Chrisean Rock and her family as he turns up at her house on Saturday to fight her brother. This comes a day after he reportedly trashed the house she was living in and tore the fridge doors off its hinges while looking for the brother.

While on video using the toilet, Rock hastily wiped herself as she ran out, following the family, exclaiming that Blueface was there to fight. “Aye damn, I’m taking a sh*t; why is Blue here? Hold on, let me wipe my a$$, somebody pass me a baby wipe… Lock the back door,” Chrisean said, adding that Blueface was at her house at 4 am.

The rapper is also seen wiping her butt on live and then scratching herself and sniffing. Blueface has not reacted to the latest drama involving Chrisean Rock.

In other news, Chrisean Rock revealed that she might have to move out of her rented home after Blueface destroyed it. She previously claimed that she was renting to own the house, which she shares with her sister, nieces and nephews, and other family members, including her son.

As for Blueface, there are reports that the 2.6 million home he claimed to have bought for Jaidyn Alexis is a rental. According to Gossip of the City, the realtor took the listing off the market on Saturday, revealing that the home was being leased. The listed rent for the home is $10,000 a month.

Blueface posted days ago that he got Jaidyn the four-story home, which includes an elevator. A view of the inside of the house revealed a large kitchen and entertaining area on the property, several rooms on the second and third floors, and a penthouse-style design on the fourth floor.

Chrisean Rock and Blueface have been in a bitter back-and-forth for the past several months after their relationship ended. She gave birth to a baby boy in September and the child is now part of the messy situation between the two of them. Earlier this month, the West Coast rapper dropped a bombshell news claiming that he secretly did a DNA test on Chrisean Jr and the test result shows he is not the child’s father. Despite fans asking him to furnish proof of the DNA test results, he has not posted the document.