CoP explains ‘B+’ rating of his own performance

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The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Ag Commissioner of Police McDonald Jacob. File Photo/Roger Jacob

Acting Police Commissioner McDonald Jacob says he is conscious of the challenges facing the police and the country, and feels he has performed well, given various constraints in resources and other issues over the past year.

On Wednesday it was reported that Jacob, asked to grade himself on his performance, gave himself a “B+.”

Speaking with reporters after a ceremony commemorating the first anniversary of the Community Conflict Resolution Centre at the Police Administration Building, Sackville Street, Port of Spain, on Wednesday, Jacob explained why he graded himself with a B+.

He said he did not agree with grading himself, but considered the difficulties of managing assets and personnel in a demanding environment.

He admitted there was room for improvement in his performance, but felt strategies and initiatives were among some of his key successes.

“They asked me how I would grade myself, and in talking to me, I told them, and the question – I said, well, a B+, in relation to the challenges I had over the period of the year.

“Even up to this time I don’t have working with me three acting DCPs. At a time I had two, and now I have one.

“There were several challenges and I even talked about the challenges that existed in the context of taking over and realising that (there are) only 19 first-responders vehicles. The Emergency Response Patrol (ERP) vehicles were responding without a maintenance and a fleet management plan, and then pushing to get new vehicles to get on the road.”

In April 2022, 80 new vehicles were issued to the police.

Jacob said mediation and conflict resolution programmes introduced during his leadership were also important to consider in assessing his performance.

“I talked about all of these issues and being able to overcome it and go forward. When you look at all the challenges, I decided, when I look at my performance – meaning to say there is room – I can even do better by pushing a little harder and doing things in a particular way – I decided to give myself a B+.”