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Jury returns not-guilty verdict

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A detective constable assigned to the St Catherine North Police Division was freed of murder when he appeared in the St Catherine Home Circuit Court on Tuesday.

The Independent Commission of Investigations had charged Detective Constable Shawn Pennington with the 2018 murder of Rishawn Oliver in May of that year.

The court claimed that, on February 24, 2018, shortly after 11pm, Oliver was shot 14 times, and before he died, he told individuals that Detective Rushy shot him. The incident took place on Pusey Road in Point Hill, St Catherine.

Over the three-month trial, lead attorney in the matter, Christopher Townsend, mounted a defence claiming that the policeman is not known as Detective Rushy and he was not at the scene.

There was no ballistic evidence linking the accused man to the crime, and it was proven that there were two shooters.

Oliver was seen in a video moments before his death insisting that he was shot only by Detective Rushy.

It took the jury approximately 20 minutes to return a not-guilty verdict on Tuesday.

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