Cops search for 23 men in West Kington after flare-up of violence Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: News Americas Now

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The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

The Kingston Western police have listed several individuals as Persons of Interest. These individuals are to report to the Denham Town Criminal Investigations Branch (CIB) by 6:00 pm on Monday, January 30.

Shamar Gibert, otherwise called ‘Brawlin’ or ‘Tender’, David Hall, otherwise called ‘Dujon’, Hikomel Lindo, otherwise called ‘Hiko’, Jerald Douglas, otherwise called ‘Ready Ready’.

Oneil Stewart, otherwise called ‘Nero Blacks’, Rasheim Brown, otherwise called ‘Shem’, Dwayne Grant, otherwise called ‘Billy’, Corey Malcolm and Paul Malcolm, otherwise called ‘ Paulie’.

Amani Malcolm, otherwise called ‘Bling Bawg’ and ‘Kuwan’, Omar Daley, otherwise called ‘Oh Oh’, Omarlie Denny, otherwise called ‘Neily Blacks’.

A man known only as ‘Kaka’, A man known only as ‘Kadwa’, Shamal White, otherwise called ‘Gov’, and Ryan Bembridge, otherwise called ‘Little Blacks’,

These individuals have been listed as wanted and are asked to report to the police immediately Jomo Barrett, Anthony Clarke otherwise, called ‘Delly’, and Donovan Rowe, otherwise called ‘Chummy’.

Detectives have identified these persons as individuals who may be able to assist them with ongoing investigations in the division. Several attempts have been made to contact them at their known addresses and phone numbers; however, these efforts have failed.

Additionally, anyone with information that can assist in locating them is asked to contact the Denham Town CIB at 876-948-6443, Crime Stop at 311, the JCF tip line at 811 or the nearest police station.