Dancehall Artists Fully Bad, Honormosity Charged For Sting Brawl

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Three artists were detained and two were later charged by Jamaican police early on Wednesday morning after a massive brawl erupted on stage as Fully Bad and Honormosity tried to start a clash.

According to several confirmed reports, upcoming artists Fully Bad, Honormosity, and Kyodi were all detained after a planned clash performance ended with the artists throwing punches. The event had its own ups and downs, with General B falling through the stage during his performance and the show’s timing off.

Both Fully Bad and Honormosity were charged with disorderly conduct following the brawl, while Kyodi was released without charge.

This year, the event held at Jamworld in Portmore, St Catherine, attracted much attention as it marked its 40th anniversary. Among the highlights for this year was a performance from Queen Ladi Gangsta, Tanya Stephens, and the highly anticipated clash between Kyodi and Fully Bad.

All seemed well as the artists hit back tune-for-tune with Fully Bad performing songs like “Password,” and Kyodi responding with “Crime Scene.” Honormosity and Fully Bad’s set also seemed to intensify, leading to a blow-up between them exacerbated by

Videos from the event showed what appeared to be Honormosity on the stage arguing and grabbing the mic from Kyodi. The artists also traded blows, and a man on the stage pushed one of the artists off the stage, leading to Honormosity holding onto Kyodi as he went down.

Despite falling off the stage, the artiste continued to fight with Kyodi; trading blows with Honormosity. Later, the entourages of the men also got involved, with one seen picking up a stone to hit another.

A photo also shows Honormosity with a big coco on his forehead being led away by cops. Cops can be seen holding onto artists and their entourage members as they attempt to de-escalate the situation.

It’s unclear what caused the fight, but Jamaicans on Twitter reacted.

“Just saw the video with Fully Bad doing his thing. Why the hell stage manager make Honormosity run up on a man performance.. #Sting2023,” one fan said.

“Sting continues to do the same thing every year. Some artistes who are performing after midnight should be performing from 7pm! If an artiste is scheduled to perform at a certain time and they’re late, let them come back next year simple! #sting #sting2023,” another person tweeted. “Sting organisers should go to jail,” another person added.

Isaiah Laing has not yet addressed the melee that took placed at Sting.