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The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

Minister of State in the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM), Homer Davis, is advocating for media managers, who have not done so already, to move expeditiously to establish pension plans for their employees.

Speaking at a recent media lyme at the Office of the Prime Minister West, Davis said media practitioners continue to play a major role in preserving democracy, which comes with relatively little reward.

“If you don’t have a pension plan, this is something that you should do. Minister (Edmund) Bartlett worked very hard to establish the Tourism Workers Pension Plan. Members of the media, some of whom have given close to 50 years of service to the fraternity, will get recognition here and there, but there should be a plan so that when you go into retirement, there is something in the form of financial support that will be flowing back to you. This is something you could start thinking about,” said Davis.

He pointed to the work members of the media continue to be as a difficult one, as most practitioners must deliver in order to be paid, and they must put in the effort through investigation and research in order for their reports to be carried in the media.

He pledged his continued support for media practitioners.

“I am very open to the media. I am one person who does not shy away from the media. If I am not prepared for the particular subject, I will say let me do my research and I will get back to you… I do appreciate you the members of the media, and as long as I occupy this office, the media in western Jamaica will be so recognised at the appropriate time on a yearly basis,” he stated.

He said political representatives need the support of the media in the dissemination of messages, plans and programmes.

“To us politicians, the media is there to ensure that we bat and bat properly, even on a sticky wicket,” said Davis.

Also in attendance at the media lyme were Montego Bay Mayor, Leeroy Williams; Member of Parliament (MP) for Hanover Western, Tamika Davis; and MP for Hanover Eastern, Dave Brown, among others.