Demarco Blast Renee 6:30 Amid Fallout Over “Puppy Tail” Hit Song

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Dancehall artist Demarco has some harsh words for dancer-turned-artiste Renee 6:30, who he said wanted him to take her on tour for his hit song “Puppy Tail.”

The song was released in 2014 and immediately took off, but Renee 6:30, then a popular dancehall queen, created a viral dance that saw female fans especially copying her dance moves and making the track popular across the Caribbean and in Europe.

Despite Renee inadvertently making the track popular, Demarco slammed Renee for asking that he get a visa for her to go on tour with him and perform the song.

“Dem all a send me- me Demarco go pon a Puppy Tail tour? You mussi f**king mad,” he said. “Me go pon a tour name Puppy Tail? nobody nuh nowhere in the world you can find that. Ah just bare lies dem just always a try discredit my thing,” he added.

Demarco is responding to Renee sharing a clip from an old interview on the Let’s Be Honest Podcast on her Instagram account this week, where she said the artiste never paid her any money for her contributions to the song.

“Demarco mek a bagga money off dah song deh,” Renee said. “At one point, mi friend dem a seh, ‘Yow, ask Demarco if him cya get a visa or something cause the song big’.”

She added that Demarco “manipulate and tell mi a bagga things and mi ah seh, alright, mi will work with it. Memba mi nuh know nothing bout dah artist something deh. When mi see all the tour after that, mi ah seh no man, something nuh right man. Me realize seh mi start get con.”

Demarco also directly responded to her accusations.

“Move yuh bloodcl**t,… you need to be independent. You need to want to do things for yourself,” Demarco said. “Dem say yow ‘me already did name wah me name before’… so what’s the problem? You can’t come and expect me fi bring you to the water and take up the water and put inna you mouth fi drink it, no.”

It’s not unusual for dancers to accompany artists on tour after creating the moves for their songs. Dancers like Keiva Di Diva, Dyma, and many others were taken on tours with artists like Mavado, Shaggy, Beenie Man, and Bounty Killer and were paid for their appearances.

On social media, fans disapproved of Demarco’s statements.

“She never said she wait pan u fi give her a visa but a she build r dance and u use it to make millions the lease u could is pay r dance and bring r pan tour unu Jamaican man,” one person said. “Boy oh boy me a wonder if these men love women…MIGHTY GOD MAN…your tone alone speaks volumes,” another fan wrote.

“You never did a puppytail tour but you definitely performed the puppytail song which contributed to the millions you gain, she gave you a dance the least you could do is to have shown appreciation by taking her with you to perform the dance. If ungrateful was a person,” another said.