Demarco Tells Isaiah Laing He Wants $6 Million For Sting Clash

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Demarco appears to be willing to clash Fully Bad at Sting but for a hefty fee.

The dancehall veteran says he’s not willing to join Sting for a clash unless he is paid for his time, and he even has a figure in mind that would convince him. On Wednesday, Demarco reposted a live video conversation between Foota Hype and Isaiah Laing, who seemed to hint that many wanted Demarco to join a clash with fellow artists Kayodi or Fully Bad.

“Di man dem a use craft. If the other artiste Kayodi call you and tell you dem ready for Sting, how Demarco nah answer the call then?” Foota Hype said. Laing also responded, “You said it right if he had two big songs he wouldn’t be doing this and him never know say and like him never remember say Sting deh round the corner.”

However, in the voiceover of the clip, Demarco is adamant that he has to be paid, and he does not want a dime less than JM$6 million, which is the equivalent to around US$38,000.

“Eh, 6 million dollars. Make sure unnu have mi $6 million. Not even a penny less,” Demarco said.

He continued, “Mr. Laing, the kids want toys inna the Christmas. Gwan wid the foolishness bout culture, 6 million dollar. Not a penny less. Put unnu money weh unnuh mouth deh.”

On his Instagram account, he added, “6 million jmd not a penny less @reggaesting mi nuh affi talk to unuh big artist nuh negotiate!!! Talk to my agent!!! The kids dem a samacan and marverly need toys this year!! Thank you.”

In the meantime, fans also reacted to Demarco’s comments.

“So this going to end as another internet war like ALKA POPCAAN. 6IX .ALKA. VADO POPCAAN. But this is more like you running because is you who requested for war and now want to charge big plus is you same one saying you giving the artists them a buss so why you not willing to clash,” one fan said.

“Then them really think somebody as smart as you never fully aware a sting time a year 6mill or no kill,” another said. “Bad artist use to walk up pan stage and k*ll fi free,” another fan said.

Isaiah Laing has not responded to Demarco’s demands, but the Sting promoter previously shared that several veteran foundation artists are booked for the Boxing Day event as the show returns to Jamworld in Portmore this year.