Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford as seen in the leaked video.

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Weds. Jan. 22, 2014: Seems the entire world wants to be Jamaican now – and not simply because of reggae music, dancehall queens, Usain Bolt, Tessanne Chin  or the new “Cool Runnings” bobsled team of 2014.

Controversial Toronto Mayor Rob Ford  is among the latest “Jamaican” wanna-be’s. Just over a month after Mayor Ford was seen dancing to a reggae version of ‘Merry Christmas’ performed by Jay Douglas during a break in a council meeting in Toronto on Dec. 17, 2013, he’s now caught on video chatting Jamaican ‘bad words.”

Ford, who only months ago was dogged by a crack and alcohol scandal, will surely make Miss Lou blush. Not to mention he makes Tessane Chin’s ‘bread & butta’ comment, patois of the last century.

The one plus-minute video clip reportedly taken at a fast food restaurant in Rexdale, Toronto, shows Ford, who seemed inebriated, slurring his words and speaking in a Jamaican accent as he ranted about his time under police surveillance during the investigation into his drug use

The dialogue as seen on the Toronto Sun site, is laced with Jamaican profane terms like “me rass clat” and “bumba clatt” by the 64th mayor of Toronto.

Yesterday, Ford who has sucked on a crack pipe, smoked “a lot” of pot and purchased illegal drugs while occupying the mayor’s office, admitted he had been drinking but nothing else.

And just in case you had any doubt of how badly Ford wants to be Jamaican,  the self-confessed “straight up guy” who has consistently supported the criminalization of drug users and opposed programs that focus on prevention and treatment, told reporters yesterday: “If I speak that way, that’s how I speak with some of my friends. Okay?. And no I don’t think it’s discriminative at all.”

And Caribbeans who dominated areas like Scarborough recently gave Ford a 75 per cent thumbs up, despite his scandal.

In comparison, a majority (58 per cent) of Torontonians living downtown disagreed that city council and the deputy mayor should continue Ford’s agenda.

See video here:

A partial transcript is as follows:

FORD: [JAMAICAN ACCENT] “Cocksucker. Fucking Chief Blair [inaudible] that man cheech me around for five months, man. Bumbaclot. [Inaudible] Me and him [inaudible] leave me alone. They got 5 months for him. And him trying to tell me, bro, we’re countersurveilling the guy, you know what I mean. He’s hiding here. I’m a hide in here. I’m a… Oh, we don’t… fuck off. You know how much money that cost him? I said bro, just [inaudbible]. No, money, money, money. [Inaudible] Bumbaclot, man. I swear to God man, honestly man.

MAN: “That’s to go, man.”

FORD: “It’s seriously shit, man. It’s serious shit, bro.

MAN: “Oh, we know. Oh, we know. All we know is we got the best mayor in the world, man.”

FORD: “No, bro. Seriously.”

MAN: “This guy deserves to be even better than Prime Minister Harper…

FORD: No, no, no no, no.”

MAN: “Harper is the guy…”

FORD: “I’m a straight up guy, you know.”

MAN: “I always said he gonna become the prime minister.”

FORD: “Who was in THC. Who go out in Jamestown, and Jane and Finch, and then Malvern-” [Inaudible.]

…No, bro. Seriously.

Jamaica has been ranked the world’s third coolest country by CNN. Even Volkswagen used a Caucasian actor, speaking in a Jamaican accent, during its last Super Bowl commercial.

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