Donald Trump Is Winning His War To Lower Immigrant Numbers And Census Data Proves It

By Felicia J. Persaud

News Americas, FORT LAUDERDALE, FL, Fri. Oct. 18,
lost in the deluge of impeachment news coverage recently was the less heralded
release of some new data from the US Census’ American Community Survey. But it
is data that we should all take notice of, as it marks the Trumpian impact on
the United States in only three years.

The New York Times took note of the significance of the ACS data with a
headline on Sept. 26, 2109 that read:Immigrant Population Growth in
the U.S. Slows to a Trickle.”

The numbers are shocking in scope since it proves that in just three
years, Donald Trump and his immigration hardliners have managed to deliver a victory
for Republicans on something they have been consistently worried about.

Lowering immigration numbers to ensure the browning of America does not
threaten their power base and keeps the Democratic voter base from growing.

Little wonder that so many in the Grand ‘Ole Party are ready to hold
their noses and support Trump, no matter how many rules or laws he breaks.

Just as long as he makes America white again, it’s alright, constitution
and justice be damned!

Quoting the Times’ article by Sabrina Tavernise, “The net increase of
immigrants in the American population dropped to about 200,000 people in 2018,
a decline of more than 70 percent from the year before, according to William
Frey, chief demographer at the Brookings Institution, who conducted the analysis.”

Let’s repeat that again – a decline of more than 70 percent from the year
before. That’s one year after Trump took office!

Here are some other startling numbers as analyzed by Frey and reported by
the Times.

1: “Immigrants as a share of the country’s population remained flat at
13.7 percent, the highest share since 1910.”

2: “The largest declines in levels of immigrants were among people from
Latin America and Asia.”

3: “The last time the pace slowed so much was during the financial crisis
in 2008, when the flow actually declined.”

4: “Two states — New York and Illinois — had measurable declines in their
foreign-born populations.”

5: “Of the 14 states with the lowest concentrations of foreign-born
people, 12 voted” for Trump.

David Bier, an immigration expert at the Cato Institute, told the Times
that “this is something that really hasn’t happened since the Great Recession.”

Think about that for a moment – since the Great Depression. That’s
between 1929 – 1939, a time when anti-Mexican sentiments were growing and mass
removal was being pushed.

In fact, more than 1.2 million Mexican immigrants were forced to leave
the United States during the Great Depression. Sometimes, local governments and
federal officials would collaborate in “street sweeps” and raids to round up
Mexican immigrants who may or may not have been present in the country with
proper documentation. Just like with ICE raids today.

In 1931, then U.S. Secretary of Labor William A. Doak was quoted as
saying: “My conviction is that by strict limitation and a wise selection
of immigration, we can make America stronger in every way, hastening the day
when our population shall be more homogenous.” On January 6,1931, Doak
requested that congress appropriate funds for the deportation of “illegal aliens”
from the U.S. The Great depression only renewed congressional debate about

Today, 90 years later, its looks like history is sadly repeating itself and the numbers now prove it.


writer is publisher of NewsAmericasNow

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