Floyd Mayweather Stands With Israel, Send s Private Jet With Supplies After Attack

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

American boxer Floyd Mayweather has declared his support for Israel amid the ongoing conflict with Palestine that escalated this week.

Palestinian resistance group Hamas initiated an attack on Israel over the weekend, which in turn caused violence on both sides and many innocents being killed. The violence is caused by Palestine’s resistance to Israel and its continued occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip for more than 50 years.

Palestinians online have claimed that Israel is oppressing its people and stealing their lands while Israel is claiming that the land rightfully belongs to them based on scriptures in the Bible and former colonialist power, England, dividing the land to allow Israel to settle there post-World War II.

In the meantime, the world continues to watch on as both Israel and Hamas attack the respective people on both sides, and many are injured or killed, including children, the elderly, and other vulnerable groups.

On Tuesday, reports surfaced that Mayweather was lending his support to Israel by sending aid to the country. According to reports, the jet has carried food, water, bulletproof vests, and other necessities for Israeli Defense Forces soldiers and civilians in Israel.

On his Instagram account, the boxer released a statement noting that he was against terrorism and stood with Israel.

“I stand with Israel against the Hamas terrorists. Hamas do not represent the people of Palestine but are a terrorist group that are attacking innocent lives!” the boxer wrote.

Many celebrities have shared their support for Israel amid the latest Hamas attack, including American President Joe Biden, who stated that his government will support the country.

In the meantime, U.N. Human Rights chief Volker Turk condemned the escalation of violence on both sides, which left 900 Israelis dead and 700 Gazans dead from retaliatory airstrikes.

The U.N Chief also said that Israel’s plan to execute a siege of Gaza was “illegal under international law.”

The group said both Israel and members of Palestinian armed groups have acted in violation of settled international law.