Four pet peeves airline passengers experience onboard Loop Cayman Islands

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If you travel frequently, you’ve probably developed some pet peeves about the behaviour of fellow passengers over the years. These relate to the use of baggage spaces, people taking your seats, the actions of passengers sitting behind you, and those trying to stampede off the plane upon landing.

Baggage spaces

Regarding baggage spaces, some passengers have seat assignments near the back of the plane but don’t want to carry their luggage all the way there.

As a result, they place their luggage in the compartment above your seat on the way to their seat.

To your surprise, you may find that there is no space available above your seat by the time you board the airplane.

This can be inconvenient because you may be forced to place your carry-on pieces a few rows behind you, making it challenging to access them during and after the flight.

Wrong seat

In addition to fellow passengers utilizing your overhead spaces, some will pop themselves into your assigned seat before you get on the plane.

Sometimes this happens because you sit next to a family member they would like to sit with.

Many passengers would ultimately agree to trade seats, provided that the exchange of seats is within the same class, i.e., economic/coach or business class or they are getting a class upgrade.

Persons seated behind you

When you are actually seated, especially in coach class, it is sometimes the case that you may experience a nudge in your back.

This is usually not deliberate and happens because there may be a lack of space between coach class seats, causing you to feel a knee or two in your back as the person tries to get comfortable by moving around behind you.

Stampede on landing

If you can make it through the flight, you may still face that one group of passengers who always seem to rush to get off the plane, even long before the flight attendant has an opportunity to open the door.

As a result of these passengers racing from the back of the plane, there is no way for you to stand now as they have filled the aisle next to where you are seated.


You generally have two choices when faced with one or more of these pet peeves.

One is to speak gently to the other passenger about the issue.

You may ask a nearby flight attendant to resolve this if this doesn’t work.