Gillie Da Kid Responds To Birdman, “I’m Bigger Than Baby Ain’t That Wild”

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Gillie Da Kid issued a response to Birdman, saying the podcaster “ain’t like that.” Hip-hop fans weren’t surprised by the Cash Money Records honcho’s statement on Clubhouse yesterday, considering that the Philadelphia native has in the past criticized him for his business dealings.

Nevertheless, some fans took what he said as an ominous threat towards Gillie, who has now responded with some level of confidence and fierceness in his voice. Although it took him a whole day to respond, Gillie Da Kid used the opportunity to mark striking contrasts between himself and Birdman when he boldly stated that he was now bigger than the label exec.

Birdman is the head of one of the most iconic record labels in hip hop’s history, with artists like Lil Wayne, Drake, and Nicki Minaj owing their careers to Cash Money. Needless to say, Baby’s image suffered a bit in recent years, mostly due to his feud with Lil Wayne, whom he calls his son. Wayne sued his former mentor for millions of dollars a few years back, thus ending their business relationship.

Gillie Da Kid came up in the music industry when he used to write for Lil Wayne early in the Cash Money era. But of late, he has been critical of Birdman’s business practices. Now, Gillie also thinks he is bigger than his former boss.

“I’m bigger than Baby. Ain’t that [wild]?” Gillie said on Instagram Live on Tuesday (October 10). “I’m bigger than that ni*** right now. I generate more money than that ni**a right now. I don’t wanna hear this s**t. Motherf***ers counting me out and I’m f**king bigger than you,” Gillie ranted, obviously in his feelings over what Birdman had to say about their past. “Shut up. Nobody give a f*** about you.”

Gillie Da Kid added that Birdman chooses to respond to him 25 years later, which he says renders his response irrelevant.

“Birdman waited so long to say something man, I can’t even respond when you say something 25 years later,” the podcaster continues as he laughs in the camera. “You only respond because you don’t hear the roar of the crowd no more… I done called you a b***h a** ni*** for 25 years. 25 years later you respond… I see the way you treated a real ni***, rest in peace Killer Stone. You could’ve never treated me like that though. Talkin, ‘I ain’t like what.’”

What’s very clear right now is that this beef between Birdman and Gillie Da Kid is far from over. Their relationship appears to be beyond repair as neither side seems to be inclined to make peace.

During his Clubhouse discussion, Birdman also addressed Kanye West’s recently leaked video where he called Cardi B an industry plant to replace Nicki Minaj. He also spoke about his feud with Rick Ross, saying that they haven’t spoken in a while after Rozay criticized him about his treatment of Lil Wayne.