I-Octane Threatens Malie Donn For Calling Him ‘Freak’ In New Song

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Dancehall veteran I-Octane is scolding new generation dancehall artiste Malie Donn after he mentioned him in a song determined to be a diss.

Dancehall has been on edge these days as the younger artistes take aim at the elders. Earlier in the week, it was 10Tik dissing Popcaan, and now it seems that Malie Donn has also crossed the line with I-Octane. Malie Don released the music video for the track “Nah Forfeit” on Tuesday and mentioned the I-Octane in the lyrics, suggesting that the “All Kind Of Things” artiste might be a “freak”.

“A wonda a who a gas him up, buy him a hot beer. Tyre buss inna di road di Benz nuh have spare… Mi nuh freak mi nuh octane. Mi fly a mi nuh got plane,” Malie said in the song.

Catching wind of the song, a displeased I-Octane called out the younger artiste and told him that he better be able to defend himself.

“Yow a wam to that likkle b**bocl**t coke head bwoy but him name Malie bl**cl**t Donn. Anybody can name so. Ah wam to you likkle bwoy,” I-Octane said in a video.

I-Octane also chided Malie Donn about his recent arrest for sexual assault allegations in Barbados.

“Unnu nah nuh b**bocl**t respect enuh. You not even have half a bl**dcl**t song yet. you not even have no respect p***y. Do you research do you research. A who fa name you ah call in song. Ah wam to you. Aka ‘hold down and tek’. See a rape yuh charged for likkle bwoy. You nuh reach nowhere in your career and you charge for rape and you want to call up man name in song,” I-Octane said.

I-Octane also warned the artiste that he would confront him the next time he sees him.

“Do you research. Google it. Bout you a call freak…No gal or no bwoy have secret for me. Make sure when me buck you you bl**dcl**t can defend yuhself and mi not even a talk physically, you cya manage my type a badness,” the artiste said.

I-Octane was previously named by a witness in the Klansman Gang trial as being close to gangsters from that gang and taking them to the studio where he recorded music and even when he toured abroad.

However, the artiste denied that he had ties to the criminal underworld and stated that the only thing he was guilty of was helping the youths in his community and giving them opportunities to uplift themselves.

Malie Donn has not reacted to I-Octane’s response.