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Cruise Tourism does not form part of the Anguilla Tourism package, but from time to time, a mega cruise liner can be spotted traversing the waters along the Anguilla coastline, especially on the western and southern parts of the island. Occasionally, a smaller cruise ship drops anchor and contributes to the tourism talk on island.

The 2022-2023 Tourism Season has already ushered in several sightings of small cruise ships complimenting the luxury yachts that anchor off our shores, bringing visitors to the island. Minister of Tourism, Mr Haydn Hughes commented on the arrival of these cruise ships to Anguilla, when he presented his Ministry update at the government’s press briefing on Monday, January 16.

“As you know, back in 2011, we commenced the berthing of the seaborne cruise line into Anguilla, because it was the goal of the administration at the time – when I was Parliamentary Secretary responsible for tourism – to have small luxury cruise lines visit Anguilla.

“This is what it is [now] and it will continue on a weekly basis, and sometimes you will see them twice a week – on a Thursday and again on a Sunday. There is no regular schedule, but you will see them around, Thursdays and on the weekends.”

When asked about the island’s capability to accommodate a large number of visitors at one time as would be arriving on a cruise line, Minister Hughes implied that the visitor crowd would be similar to the crowds accommodated at the island’s summer beach festival.

He said: “We do not have a regulation as it relates to how many cruise ship passengers can visit Anguilla [at one time]. Sandy Ground can host the Sandy Ground Beach Party and if it can cope with that, then, what is a small 600 plus in cruise line [visitors]?”

Mr Hughes noted that the aim is to have luxury cruise ships frequent our ports.

“The cruise lines [anchoring in Anguilla’s port] are small luxury cruise lines with about 350 passengers, mostly affluent visitors, coming to the island enjoying the services and amenities that we have to offer. A luxury cruise line – that is what we are aiming for.”