Is The Wedding Industry Crucial To Economies In The Caribbean?

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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Mon. Oct. 2, 2023: Have you considered a destination wedding? The first idea that is likely to come to mind when those words are uttered is the Caribbean. Weddings and the Caribbean are near synonymous; they are so closely linked in culture. And do you blame them? The sea, the sand… The romance is baked into every element.

So just how crucial is the wedding industry to the Caribbean? And is there anything you should consider before diving into the idea? Read our guide for all the information.

How Important Is The Wedding Industry To The Caribbean?

The tourism industry is greatly important to the Caribbean and the various economies within it, and the wedding industry is a big part of that tourism income. In fact, the Caribbean gets more than 26 million visitors a year, according to Unleashing Growth and Strengthening Resilience in the Caribbean, and the tourist industry makes up from 7 to 90% of the GDP depending on the region.

Naturally, weddings are one of the reasons people make the trip to such a lavish and luxurious region. People come from all over to get married on the beach, with the sun shining, and the palm trees swaying, making for some great photos and memories. It means that you can roll the honeymoon and wedding into one and bring the family along for the ride. You need witnesses after all.

And when the wedding industry is one that likes to add an extra zero to the price of everything, that brings in money. Caribbean resorts regularly offer wedding services that include venue, be that the beach or the hotel, food, décor, flowers, etc. and keep the locals employed with vast crews making sure everything runs smoothly.

So, it’s safe to say that the tourism industry is very important to the Caribbean, to the point that the main talking point about various economies in the Caribbean is centered around the idea of diversifying the economy since it’s something of an economic crutch to lean on.

Why Should You Consider The Caribbean In Your Wedding Plans?

So, it’s arguable that you are aiding an economy that really needs it, but that doesn’t look good written on a wedding invite, so why else should you consider a Caribbean wedding?

Are Destination Weddings Cheaper?

If you’re thinking that you just spent all your money on an engagement ring and now she’s said the words “destination wedding”, stay calm. If you are looking atbuying gemstone rings for your engagement ring or wedding band, take a look at Best Brilliance for a great range of beautiful gems at affordable prices. Additionally, take into account that destination weddings are typically actually cheaper than a stay-at-home wedding. There are a few different reasons for this.

Typically, Caribbean hotel resorts tend to put on a lot of wedding functions, so they tend to offer packages where everything is included, even your stay. So, you’re paying for the honeymoon and wedding in one package. The do-it-yourself approach tends to mean spending more in a lot of different places rather than spending less in one place, like a resort package.

Big Or Small?

The best part of the package is that you can tailor it to your needs, depending on the resort. Shop around and see how much playing with the system they will allow. A destination wedding can be a big or small affair, and in fact, it can be an excuse to make your wedding smaller than others might want. Remember all those great aunts your mother wants you to invite? They might not be able to get on a plane, just saying. If you even want to keep it to just you and your partner, invite (or borrow) a couple of witnesses and keep the ceremony intimate.

Additionally, a beach is pretty limitless in space, which means it can be as big as you wish. Caribbean hotels often offer arange of packages to suit your budget.

A Hands-Off Approach

However, this package approach means that you can take your hands off the wheel for a moment. There’s no need for a bridezilla when the resort is handling everything for you. You can make a few key choices and watch the day come together. Just enjoy the beach and the cocktails as you wait to get into your white dress.

Where Should You Go?

Some popular wedding hot spots include:

·         Barbados

·         The Bahamas

·         Saint Lucia

·         Jamaica

·         Cuba

·         Many more

They each have breathtaking views and their own cultural identity that will make for a memorable trip away, never mind a wedding.

But remember…

Keep in mind that not everyone can afford a destination wedding. Even if the package includes room discounts for guests, the flight and accommodation alone, not to mention the timing might simply be too much for people. You’re asking for more of a commitment than most weddings ask of their guests, which is already a matter of debate nowadays with parents insisting they bring kids to child-free weddings.