Keke Palmer Mother Threatens Ex Darius Jackson In Leaked Audio & Text

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Keke Palmer’s mother has made a grave threat to Darius Jackson as she warns him that she will shoot him, a new voice note has revealed. On Monday, Jackson revealed a recording where Palmer’s mother threatened to shoot him in a bid to sway the public in his favor.

Jackson has been under immense pressure after grave allegations were made in court by the young actress that she was abused by him several times throughout their relationship.

Last week, a court granted Keke Palmer a temporary restraining order pending sole custody hearing against Jackson after she gave evidence of multiple instances of physical assault committed on her by Jackson in her home. One incident took place earlier this month and another last year, which were referenced in her affidavit.

On Monday, Darius Jackson shared the voice note where Keke’s mother, Sharon Palmer, is heard telling Jackson he would be shot.

“Where’s my baby,” he’s heard asking while the older Palmer is heard saying, “And you better watch out, you might get a bullet in your m******ing head.”

Jackson also shared what seemed to be a text message sent from Darius Jackson’s mother to Keke Palmer’s mother.

“I have tried not to get involve in my son’s personal business, but I heard that you are going to put a bullet in my son’s head? Well then now we have to involve the authorities, because you don’t respect or value yourself and I can see no my son’s life…you might have to kill all of us. I will file a report on you now,” the text messages read.

via TMZ

However, TMZ reported that the threat was made to Jackson while he was in the house, assaulting Keke when he broke into her house two weeks ago and prompted her to file the restraining order.

According to the publication, as Jackson was assaulting her, Keke called her mother and put her on speaker, and that’s when she threatened him. A source quoted by TMZ said the threat was made because she was afraid for her child’s life, given that she was not there to protect her.

In the meantime, the parties are to return to court on December 5 for an ex partes hearing in which Jackson is expected to make a case for the order to be lifted.