Lady Saw Showcases Her Church To Start Her Ministry

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Minister Marion Hall, formerly Lady Saw, has revealed that she’s found a building to hold her Ministry and host her congregation. The Queen of Dancehall was baptized in 2016 and has converted to Christianity.

In recent times, she had been hosting her sermons and church service for her Holy Ghost Pentecostal Church of Jesus Christ in her home, which was live-streamed on her social media accounts, including YouTube, every week.

Minister Marion Hall had been raising funds to build a church and had put out a US$2 million GoFundMe to get support from fans and followers on social media. However, she canceled crowdfunding the venture after what she said was criticism by people.

It seems that her goal of having her own church is coming to fruition anyway, as she shared a video showing a new space where she will host her weekly church service.

According to Hall, she will be renting the space of an existing church located on University Drive. It’s unclear if the church is being held in Jamaica or the United States. Her church service is also going to be held on Saturdays.

“I got on at 11 [am] on Sunday so like how it’s Saturday. I think I would do the same for Saturday. Look at the house of God, I love this place…I do believe that God is going to work it out where I start my Ministry here. I am on University Drive,” she said.

Hall continued, “I’m believing God for a miracle today. I’m believing God that this is going to be the place. The only thing is we have to do it on Saturdays, but I don’t mind at all at all at all, bless the name of the lord, hallelujah whichever day God gives me.”

While on her YouTube sermon, the gospel artiste said that she was trusting God to help finance the Ministry. She disclosed that the place that she wanted to buy cost $2.7 million and was a strip club. Minister Marion Hall revealed that she wanted to buy the building which would host her church and a restaurant.