Lil Baby Shades Saweetie and Quavo Over Cheating On His New Album

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Lil Baby got some words for Saweetie and Quavo on his new album, It’s Only Me.

Lil Baby’s latest song, “Not Finished,” has fans speculating that he is talking about his relationships with one seemingly standing out, his supposed hook-up with Saweetie. Late last year, months after she broke up with Migos rapper Quavo, Saweetie popped out with a mystery man.

The “Icy Girl” rapper shared a photo showing her sitting in the man’s lap with his face blocked by her body. Curious fans couldn’t help but compare the outfit of the man in Saweetie’s post to that of a photo Lil Baby posted the same day. Anonymous rumors also spread that Saweetie was taken on a $100K shopping spree at Chanel.

Lil Baby’s ex, who appeared upset, also hinted at the Chanel splurge, expressing hurt that that was her favorite brand. It seems that Lil Baby is confirming that he was the one in the photo, and he also raps about the consequences of Saweetie sharing the photo, which is suspected to be the thing that led to him and businesswoman Jayda Cheaves breaking up.

“She super pretty and handle her business Like f*** all these b***hes, I’m bustin’ her down,” Lil Baby raps. “She super friendly and like her a ni*** who spend it, I’m tellin’, I’m braggin’ her around, She post a picture without my permission, Got me in some sh**, man, these women is wild, She f***in’ ni***s, but think I don’t know, That sh** really a joke man, lil’ mama’s a clown.”

In November, Lil Baby denied involvement with Saweetie after a photo was shared showing the two shopping at Chanel in New York City. Saweetie has not revealed who the man is, but Lil Baby is not the only rapper who seems to be speaking about her and her sexual proclivities.

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Fans think that her ex-flame Quavo is talking about her in the song “Messy” off of his debut album with Takeoff- Only Built for Infinity Links.

In the track, fans think that Quavo is accusing Saweetie of sleeping with his cousin Offset. It’s now apparent that the Migos have broken up, and many are now of the view that Quavo is speaking not only about the breakup but about Saweetie’s part in it.

Saweetie appeared on Yung Miami‘s podcast Caresha Please recently but skirted around questions about her dating life and being involved with Lil Baby. As for her and Quavo, they broke up early in 2021 when she accused him of cheating. Both rappers jointly announced the end of their relationship.

Lil Baby also takes a dig at Quavo, who at the time, said that they can swap it out, meaning they can switch girlfriends. At the time, Jayda Cheaves was reportedly recently broken up with Baby.

“I don’t want yo bitch, we can’t swap out (Swap out)/ They ain’t on shit, tell ’em to pop out (Pop out),” Baby raps in the song “Stand On It.”