Local law firm sues Florida man for over $1 million in legal fees Loop Cayman Islands

The content originally appeared on: News Americas Now

According to a claim stamped by the Grand Court on January 25, 2023, local law firm Etienne Blake is suing Fernando Toledo (“Toledo”) for US$1,133,199.52 in connection with amounts allegedly owed for legal representation.

The claim alleges that Toledo (who is understood to be resident in Florida, United States), along with others, engaged Etienne Blake in or around February 2015 to provide Cayman Islands legal services to Toledo in connection with litigation before the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands in Cause No FSD 105 of 2014 (the “Engagement”).

The claim alleged further that per the Engagement, Etienne Blake periodically issued invoices to Toledo in the cumulative amount of US$2,043,200.00, of which US$910,000.48 was paid. This left an outstanding balance of US$1,133,199.52 (the “Balance”) to be paid to Etienne Blake.

Etienne Blake says that the Balance remains immediately due and payable, and failure by Toledo to pay the Balance constitutes a breach of contract under the Engagement.

Etienne Blake now seeks the following remedies from the Court:

Interest on the sum of US$1,133,199.52 at the rate of 2.375% per annum from October 26, 2019, until the date of payment, being US$86,939.46 as of the date of the Statement of Claim and accruing at a per diem rate of US$73.74 from the date of the Statement of ClaimSuch further or other relief as counsel may advise for the Court considers appropriate