Meek Mill Sends Ominous Threats To Trippie Redd: “I Will Make You Cry”

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Meek Mill pens a lengthy message going after rapper Trippie Redd for speaking on his name.

The Philly rapper has been very active in the media and on social media this past few weeks as he promotes his new album with Rick Ross, Too Good to Be True. The joint project from the two hip-hop powerhouses received a lukewarm reception from fans despite garnering a lot of press around its release two weeks ago.

Meek Mill responded to critics of the album’s first-week sales, saying he was not bothered by it because he knew the streets loved the project. In a follow-up message on X, the Dreamchasers rapper says the era of streaming makes it hard for artists to measure the real performance of their music and makes them under-compensated for their music. Joey Bada$$ followed up with a statement against first-week sales, saying too much emphasis is placed on it as a measurement of how well music is performing.

It’s unclear if Trippie Redd was one of the folks who commented on Meek Mill and Rick Ross’ low album sales, but the Philly rhymer is clearly upset with the Ohio native. In a fiery message in a since-deleted post on Instagram, Meek offloads on Trippie, calling him a devil worshiper.

“This guy no good! I ain’t even know you said my name,” Meek wrote. “If you f*** with me f*** this guy right here. I wanna stand on n****s freely saying my name make it tight outside! I ain’t even know you said my name I seen you get pulled in a room by the gangstas in la you was scared but let’s see how tough yall guys are! I can’t believe these Philly young bulls gassed you to say my name!’ look like you repping the devil ima show you how trying god is [Trippie Redd].”

In a follow-up message, Meek wrote, “I ain’t know you was comfy enough to say my name I can’t wait to see you …yall getting too high ‘TRIPPIE REDD NO GOOD OUT HERE’ don’t ask why!!! I think yall scared of jail and death but let’s see lol let’s make you ni***s show up from the streets to jail … yall in the way off too much money! It’s getting too much anyway.”

Trippie Red has not yet responded to Meek Mill’s statements and mentioning him by name. It’s also not clear exactly what triggered Meek to pen the comment he has since deleted. However, it was enough to anger him to the point he wrote a parting comment on the post before eventually deleting it altogether.

“If you not ready for Philly just mind your business @trippieredd he’s no good out here from Maine to Spain and I mean that!” Meek continues in his rant. “He may worship the devil so all my god bodies watch this pu**ie I can’t wait to see him lol I’ll make you cry lil pu*** 300 nights you and ya man that’s why he ain’t been out in the city he weak and getting weaker now he hating on his own ni***s lol yall ni***s not even built for jail playing with a don lol it’s getting unbelievable but ima come out to see if yall really ready for yall and yall family stand behind anything threat towards meek. let’s see how strong yall are. Stop the violence bless up!”

Urban Islandz will keep you posted on this brewing beef between Meek Mill and Trippie Redd.