Men confess to robbing Vreed-en-Hoop service station; gun recovered

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Two suspects have been arrested as police continue investigations into an alleged robbery under arms committed on 50-year-old Ganga Deo Sridat, a businessman and owner of the Sridat Service Station located at New Road Vreed-En-Hoop and 35-year-old Jermain Maxwell, a pump attendant who works at the gas station.

The incident occurred about 22:30hrs on Boxing Night when four masked and armed men attacked the gas station.

Allegedly stolen are a 9mm Smith and Wesson pistol with one magazine containing 15 live matching ammo, one driver’s license and National ID card belonging to the owner and an undisclosed amount  of cash, property of the owner of the gas station.

Police said the owner came to the location in a motorcar and parked on the eastern side in the gas station.

While exiting his car, two armed masked males approached him, one of whom hit him with an object to his head and asked him for the money and his firearm.

The businessman told the culprits that he has neither but one of the suspects conducted a search on him and took away his firearm from his waist and his wallet from his pants pocket.

Further, they told the victim to open the door to the gas station shop, which he did and they took him into the shop. He was asked for the keys to the safe, and the victim told them that the keys were outside in the guard hut.

One of the suspects went and got the keys and opened the safe and took a quantity of cash, after which they tied up the businessman.

Meanwhile, the pump attendant told the investigators that he saw his boss arrived after which he heard him screaming. The worker said he ran west of the gas station and was confronted by two armed masked males, one had an object which he believed to be a firearm in his hand.

The pump attendant was relieved of an undisclosed amount of cash along with his car key and was taken in the shop where he was beaten. The gunmen later escaped in the pump attendant’s car.

The matter was later reported to the police and the victims were taken to the West Demerara Regional Hospital where they were examined by doctors on duty.

Police have since arrested two suspects, both of whom have confessed to the crime. In custody are Dinesh George, 21, a welder; and Navindra Kunik, 23.

Also, the firearm stolen from the businessman was recovered by the police.

Investigations are ongoing.