Motorcyclist dies following Parfaite Harmonie accident

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Shaquan Jeremiah Joe

By: La’Wanda McAllister 

A young motorcyclist lost his life on Monday following an accident along the La Parfaite Harmonie Public Road, West Bank of Demerara (WBD).

He has been identified as 21-year-old Shaquan Jeremiah Joe, who was reportedly riding his bike at a fast rate of speed.

Whilst traversing, the young biker lost control of the vehicle and collided with a pedestrian, who was crossing the road.

As a result of the accident, the motorcyclist fell onto the roadway where he received injuries about his body.

He was picked up placed in the back of an open-back pick-up to be taken to the hospital.

Whilst heading to the hospital, however, the pick-up was involved in an accident.

Reports are that the pick-up was hit from behind by a private motorcar being driven by a police officer. This caused the already injured Joe, who was at the back of the pick-up, to receive further injuries to his head.

Joe died while receiving medical treatment.

According to the now dead man’s family, they are still waiting on the police to give them details on what will be done to the police officer who caused the second accident.

They strongly believe that the young man’s death is as a result of the second accident.

In fact, they are claiming that the vehicles involved in the accident cannot be located, even after visiting several police stations on the west side. They are also alleging that up until Thursday morning, they saw the officer who was involved in the accident, on duty directing traffic.

The family is calling for justice to be served.

But when contacted on Thursday for information on the accident, Regional Commander Mahendra Siwnarine said that based on the information he received, when the second accident occurred, Joe was in an unconscious state and had already sustained major injuries.

He said according to the person who transported him to the hospital, he had to go through heavy traffic, and he put on his hazard light to make it through.

“The police vehicle that hit him, hit his tire. That accident was a minor accident…if they claim that they did not see the vehicle at the police station, the police vehicle does not have to be at the station. Both parties’ vehicles were already examined by the certifying officer, the scene visited and the measurements were taken….”

“The vehicles were returned to them,” the Commander explained.

The Commander said that they will not be investigating the rank for causing death.

However, he said the rank will be investigated for the accident.

“The matter would be sent to the DPP for advice, but, based on the status so far, there is no reason to put the police under close arrest.”

Meanwhile, it is unclear what is the condition of the pedestrian involved in the first accident.