Mr. Vegas Calls DJ Khaled A ‘Coward’ For Not Speaking On Israel-Hamas War

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Dancehall artiste Mr. Vegas is calling out DJ Khaled for his silence amid the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas in the Middle East.

The two countries are currently locked in a battle that sees hundreds of people being injured or killed, including children on both sides. The conflict has seen a disproportionate amount of casualties to Palestinians given the fact that Israeli forces have a military advantage over Palestine, and they are backed by the United States Government, which continues to fund its military.

As many on social media take sides, others with Palestinian heritage continue to call out those who have power and influence for remaining quiet amid what the United Nations called a “genocide” and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians.

Those who have spoken up include Gigi Hadid in support of Palestine, but others like Jamie Lee Curtis and Justin Bieber have shared their support for Israel, albeit incorrectly sharing a photo of children who were injured in an air strike said to be Israeli when they were Palestinian.

Many have called out DJ Khaled for being curiously silent on social media amid the latest onslaught of violence against Palestinians and Israel’s continued illegal occupation of Gaza. According to Mr. Vegas, DJ Khaled was a coward who was afraid to speak up and offend anyone that might affect his money and fame.

“DJ Khaled, long time me know say you a coward enuh,” Mr. Vegas said in a video on Monday morning.

According to the “Bruk It Down” artiste, DJ Khaled made a big show of claiming Jamaica more than he has ever claimed Palestine, where his parents originate.

“You ah coward, you fake big time. You run come ‘Jamaica Jamaica’ and you promote Jamaica come down here come eat mango with spoon and bere tings, zeen. Right now, if a did Jamaica under attack, you’d a come say ‘pray for Jamaica, pray for Jamaica’ and ask for peace pan Jamaica like a Jamaica yuh come from,” Vegas said.

He added, “You owna people dem a deal wid the wickedest type of atrocities we eva see inna we lifetime and yuh can’t say nothing. You can’t say ‘pray for me people’…gweh coward, money you put over life my yute. Fame yuh out ova life, yuh nuh real none at all.”

DJ Khaled is not the only one who has been silent on the ongoing Israel/Palestine conflict. Other celebrities like Drake, who is Jewish, have been called out for being silent.

Many have viewed the situation as unfortunate, with no right side but only innocent people hurt by the unnecessary violence.