Mr. Vegas Weighs In On Denyque and Popcaan Beef: “Bwoy ya fi get freak out too”

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Dancehall artiste Mr. Vegas says he doesn’t see an issue with Denyque making a diss track directed at international star Popcaan and believes that dancehall is too one-sided when it comes to “freaky things” being done by women only.

Denyque and Popcaan are officially beefing after the “Relevant” artist took offense to her t-shirt, insinuating him eating watermelon as her being eaten. The t-shirt implied that watermelon eating was a metaphor for oral sex performed by men. The topic is not new in dancehall, and men do not eat bananas due to them associating the fruit with the shape of a penis.

However, dancehall is having another discourse on men not performing oral sex, and Mr. Vegas says he is on Denyque’s side and wants her to get a “buss” from the track. Speaking on a video posted to his Instagram account, Mr. Vegas had a message for Denyque after viewing her diss track.

“Sister Denyque, I hope this is your breakthrough. Me hope this is ah yuh breakthrough because me see say you really need a breakthrough. To how you attack the song it sound like you planned for it muma,” Mr. Vegas said.

He added that he would have wanted Denyque to buss without the controversy, but still, it doesn’t matter because the conversation about oral sex by men on women is needed.

“Me think them ago give you a break. The ongle part mi like me wish you coulda get a break without this but me actually like the fact say they might give you a chance.Me actually nuh have no problem with it,” he added.

MV continued, “Hear wha gwan, if the song buss, it ago show me say the woman dem, unuh nuh feel like a unnu alone fi do freaky things. Dem bwoy ya fi get freak out too.”

Mr. Vegas and Popcaan have not been on good terms since 2016, when the former called Drake “fake”.

Before that, Popcaan had performed at Sting, and Mr. Vegas referred to Popcaan’s white trench coat as a dress which the artiste took offense to.