Neighbour warned to put noise issue in civil court Loop Barbados

The content originally appeared on: News Americas Now

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The content originally appeared on: Barbados News

Marleen Eudora Chandler has been advised not to take matters into her own hands.

The 63-year-old of Brathwaites Gap, Dayrells Road, St Michael appeared before Chief Magistrate Ian Weekes in Supreme Court #4 for the unlawful assault of David Cadogan on January 17.

“You are a reckless woman. . . . You are totally and completely ridiculous” Chief Magistrate Weekes told Chandler.

Sergeant Randolph Boyce informed the court that on January 17, upon hearing loud music playing from her neighbour’s residence, the National Conservation Commission (NCC) general worker left home, went to Cadogan’s residence and attacked him.

The Chief Magistrate sternly told the elderly woman that she should have taken the appropriate channels to report noise pollution.

“All before COVID, people were doing karaoke until three o’ clock in the morning and those lovely old ladies that wanted to go church the next day were disturbed.

“[Barbados] has got to get some discipline, man. There has to be a cut off time. People singing out of key and the dog howling at three in the morning,” he commented.

He warned her that the incident could have swiftly gone downhill.

“Ms Chandler, you have to follow the right channels going forward, you understand me. That could end up in a murder,” he said.

Weekes instructed her to partner with her fellow neighbours and file a civil complaint.

“Move it off the streets, get together with your neighbours or you got to find a lawyer to put the man in civil court or try to get the police to charge the man,” he instructed.

Chandler was given a peace bond for the next nine months, should she breach the agreement she will be required to pay $1,500 or spend 120 days in prison.