Nicki Minaj Rejects Kanye West Plea To Clear ‘New Body’ For His Album

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Queens rapper Nicki Minaj will not clear her “New Body” verse recorded with Kanye West three years ago after he said he wanted to clear it for his Vultures album set for release later this month.

Kanye West has been busy with his listening parties across the United States and getting fans’ support. So far, fans know who is on the project, but no music with a female artist has been previewed.

Ye seems to want to capitalize on Minaj’s hype, given her dominance as a mainstream artist for almost two decades. The consistent hitmaker has also been busy promoting her Pink Friday 2 album, which was released last week. However, it seems that Kanye West won’t get to release the track, as Nicki Minaj hinted that the verse is old and was released three years ago.

On Thursday night, Kanye tweeted a screenshot of a text he sent to Nicki. “Hey its ye. May I call you about clearing new body on the new album,” the text read.

Minaj never replied to the text, and later, she popped up on Instagram Live to laugh at Kanye and hinted that it makes no sense to clear the track as her fans have enough new music for now.

“Now regarding Kanye, child that train has left the station,” Minaj said. “No disrespect in any way, I just put out a brand new album. Now why would I put put a song that’s been out for three years? Come on, guys.”

Nicki’s feelings about Kanye West and his treatment towards her regarding this “Monster” collaboration and later “New Body” is no secret. Last year at Essence Festival, Nicki dragged Kanye, calling him a “clown”, hinting that all was not well between them.

Their beef seemed to stem from him refusing to release their “New Body” collab.

In an interview after that, Amber Rose, who was Kanye’s girlfriend at the time, said the rapper did not know who Nicki Minaj was when they first recorded “Monster”, and he expressed reservations that she was “too good” and asked her ‘how the f*ck you did you bring in a b**ch that killed me on my own song’.”

In the meantime, Kanye West also expressed defiance that he would still release the song.

“I made that girl rewrite her verse three times for ‘Monster’. I supported her career. You understand what I am saying. So I don’t know what it is, you know what it is. We gon get this or we just gonna push it out what the f**k,” Kanye said.

Fans have also reacted to the situation. “Better ask his bestie Ms. Westie,” one fan commented.

“Ye made her rewrite her verse three times, filmed a music video, just to never release it? And the fact that she even asked him to release it years ago and he never did. Nicki doesn’t owe him anything,” one fan said.

“Thank you! The disrespect when she’s been asking to clear tht song for YEARS!” another said.