Pastor triggers heated debate with ‘I do not work’ comment Loop Jamaica

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The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

Social media users have expressed mixed reactions to a video circulating on the internet showing a pastor defending a decision to not seek a job, but to instead focus his time on his ministry and finance himself off the proceeds made from that venture.

The pastor said he believed that if he had to focus on outside employment he would not be as powerful in the ministry.

“I do not work and me naw tell no lie me no wuk…,” said the pastor.

The comments have triggered mixed views from social media users some of who had a problem with the fact that members of the congregation sat down and did not object.

‘And people sidung a seh amen,” said one social media user, who expressed disapproval of the pastor’s statement.

“This is so gross man have no shame,” said another user.

“At least he is honest in telling who he is,” said one user.