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The content originally appeared on: Cayman Compass

Chloe Powery-Doxey, first runner-up in the Miss Cayman Islands Universe competition, recently shared her plans for business and charity following her debut at the 71st Miss Universe pageant in New Orleans. Since then, some readers and aspiring pageant contestants have asked Loop News precisely what it takes to prepare for a pageant and to achieve success.

Powery-Doxey, having relevant experience in this area, has now shared important tips covering confidence, training, having the right support system, and ensuring that one is adequately prepared.

Tip 1: Confidence

Regarding how you carry yourself, Powery-Doxey’s comments indicated that it is critical how you think of yourself on the inside as well as how you manage external influences.

Concerning this, she said:

It is key to know who you are, what you stand for and what you want. Do not let anyone or anything sway you. Having confidence in yourself will help you with that.

Tip 2: Training

Notwithstanding that you may feel confident further personal investment is required to take things to the next level. This involves training and commitment to making yourself a better person each day.

Regarding this, Powery-Doxey shared:

Start your training as soon as possible. Get out into the community either by joining an organization that aligns with your passions or values or bravely start your own. Document your journey.

Powery-Doxey’s comment is invaluable because it means that you should not only focus on your development to be a better person but on your contributions to the community that help advance the success of others.

Put another way, Powery-Doxey is communicating that every moment is a teaching moment and an opportunity where you can both train and learn.

Tip 3: Support system

Throughout your teaching moments, Powery-Doxey communicated that your support system might mean the difference between success and failure at any juncture.

Regarding this, she said:

Your support system is also crucial and that may only look like yourself at times. Don’t be afraid to go out on your own and do what needs to be done. Don’t wait for anyone to make things happen for you. Make sure you find grace when things become stressful and always remember that all things work for good. Be mindful, grateful, have fun and most importantly, be yourself.

So, notwithstanding perceived stress, each moment is just for that moment. You must work through the stress and shore up your surroundings by sharing your space with people aligned with your success.

Pausing here, one has to give full appreciation to Powery-Doxey… always enthusiastic and poised for success.

Tip 4: Preparation

Last but not least, Powery-Doxey recommends that you always stay prepared. This is regardless of how much training, confidence, and support you already have. You still have to remain ready to benefit from the opportunity of a victorious moment.

Concerning this, she shared:

The time that I’ve spent in preparation for our own national pageant really helped me dive into what my interests are and I have plenty. If God’s willing, I plan on becoming a well-rounded woman. Specifically, I’ll be getting more involved in my community, going back to school and maybe even start a business to further progress Cayman and its people to the international stage.

This comment exemplifies why preparation is vital to taking opportunity by the horns and how planning helps prepare you for your next step.

The realisation of you is your ultimate goal.

You will share this realization with others, which will create a better you and a better environment.