Queen Ifrica Explains Why Buju Banton Supports PNP and Attend Conference

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Queen Ifrica is speaking out on Buju Banton sharing his political inclination for the People’s National Party, PNP, one of Jamaica’s largest political parties and presently the country’s opposition.

Buju Banton has been a staunch critic of the Jamaica Labour Party government as he spoke out against the government’s initiative to vaccinate the population against Covid-19 during the pandemic and most recently he questioned the government’s decision to pay the salaries of staff at the embattled Stocks and Securities Limited while under temporary management by the Financial Services Commission.

The artiste stunned some of his supporters as he turned out at the PNP’s 85th annual conference held at the National Arena on Sunday. He has not explained to fans his decision to show political leanings.

However, the “Times Like These” artist took to YouTube to blast the PNP for what she says was preparing an “army” to push the “gay agenda” in Jamaica.

“So, the Maroon dem said they were going to give the House of Parliament back to PNP because the JLP disrespected them and so far the Maroon is making good on that promise…We saw Buju Banton make his first appearance round the platform of the PNP yesterday. Now, You see Mark Golding, Mark Golding the person have a good heart….Mark Golding the person have somewhat of a pure intention for Jamaican people, the one dem weh like myself a bat for,” she said.

She added that the PNP is divided in two – those who cling to the ideals of forefathers Michael and Norman Manley and another sect that “wants to be the face of homosexuality in Jamaica, the new democracy”.

“This is why Andrew Holness and his government made sure that they positioned all the gay people in their party so that when the conversation would have come up, they would have the proper representation to speak on their behalf so they won’t have to answer much to the public…but it’s not that they don’t have people in the Labourite government that is pushing the gay agendas well but the PNP is the face of the gay agenda in Jamaica,” she said.

The artiste said she was not attacking the LGBTQ community, but she was observing that the political parties are being used to support the supposed gay agenda.

“Mark Golding is in the fight of his life to prove to Jamaica that him is a true heterosexual Christian man who loves the original format of the family,” she said.

“Keep unu eyes wide open, them form their armies and getting ready to move,” she warned her followers.

Buju Banton has not reacted to Ifrica or other critics who have questioned his decision to join the PNP.