Remy Ma Addresses ‘Weird’ Pregnancy Rumors

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Remy Ma is addressing pregnancy rumors amid getting caught in a web of cheating allegations.

First, she was cheating, and then she was pregnant. The rumor mill has churned out a number of tales about Remy Ma lately, and she’s found the time to set the record straight. Most recently, fans started speculating that the rapper was expecting, but Remy did not hesitate to shut that one down during an Instagram Live video.

According to the rapper, she couldn’t be expecting as she tucked and showed off her toned tummy and told fans not to start any “weird rumors.”

Taking to Instagram Live helped Remy to kill two birds with one stone as she may have also quelled any speculation that she and her husband have separated. Over the last few months, rumors have been swirling that Remy Ma cheated on Papoose with rapper Eazy The Block Captain. During a rap battle in September, Geechi Gotti exposed Eazy for allegedly getting involved with a married Remy Ma. It is alleged that Eazy and Papoose even got into a physical altercation, but they have since denied the rumor.

When cheating rumors began making the rounds online soon after the rap battle, Remy Ma appeared unaffected as she said she was quoted saying she’s “comfortable.” During a radio interview on 15MofeRadio, the New York native was asked about what was said. In response, she explained, “He [was just saying] what’s been on the blogs for the last three/four months,” the rapper claimed. “I’m comfortable. Listen, it’s battle rap.”

During Remy’s livestream on Instagram, eagle-eyed fans peeped Papoose in the background of the video just living his life at home on a regular day with his daughter, seemingly unfazed by the whispers about his wife and marriage. Fans are still questioning why Remy Ma allegedly went on a date with Eazy if there was nothing between them. The two were recently spotted together at an Eagles game. Moreover, celebrity gossip blogger Tasha K also posted some receipts in the thick of the rumor showing Eazy and Remy having a meal together.

For some fans, the fact that Remy Ma could so easily address the pregnancy rumors but avoid the cheating rumors is suspicious. Meanwhile, others see Papoose’s presence as a sign that the two are simply not feeding into what people have been saying about them. “Was this after her date at the Eagles game?” one snide comment read. “Papoose was in the back …Good they still together rumors dead now black love,” another fan determined.

Others pointed out that certain other celebrities were never put under the microscope like this when cheating allegations surrounded their relationship. “But when Jay Z was cheating y’all didn’t have this energy with Beyoncé and they didn’t clear shit up,” one social media user wrote.

There was an obvious divide in the comment section as some fans downright berated the rapper while others defended her. “Sorry. But she looks happy since the breakup!” one commenter wrote. “Her husband Is In the back y’all need to stop,” another said. “Cheater,” one user accused. “She has her ring on,” another shrewdly observed.

One fan shared their take on the whole situation aiming their comment at Papoose when they scribed, “Papoose clown a** think this a win. But no eazy already disrespected you and your wife on a public platform, [it’s] an L if you still dating her.”

What is your view on the Remy Ma cheating rumors? Is it just a hoax, a well-played stunt, or an obvious fact?