Rvssian Blast Kyle Butler Over Claims He Stole Dutty Money & Gatekeeping Dancehall

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Dancehall super-producer Rvssian is being accused of stealing the work of hardworking up-and-coming producers and claiming it as his once the songs blow up.

On Sunday night, Butler took umbrage at Rvssian, denying he was a gatekeeper. The producer posted the video on his Instagram account.

“Gatekeeper? Show me the gate,” the producer joked. “Mi woulda say 40 years ago gatekeeping in the music industry was more. Now, the yutes dem don’t need no gate. The last 30 dancehall artistes them buss without no major producer. Dem buss with just YouTube and TikTok. No gate no deh deh bro. The yutes have talents and know how to use the internet,” the “Straight Jeans and Fitted” producer said.

Rvssian is well-known as Vybz Kartel’s collaborator, where the two ruled the charts in the mid-2000s, and he is one of the most in-demand producers of this generation.

It seems that the comments riled up upcoming producer Kyle Butler, who seemingly hinted that the producer was not a composer but instead was using the work of younger producers and putting his stamp on it.

“@rvssian do you build riddims? You stay taking beats from composers and putting your tag in it as if you build anything and leaving them in the dark and taking all the credit as if you did sh*t. Maybe I should list out the ghost producers to the world? You are on the internet giving people the wrong impression, make sure your statement is clear from the jump instead of feeding the public sh*t. I’ve never met you before n***a,” one comment by Butler read.

In another, he said, “This is nonsense, you have managers, producers that invest heavily in the early stages of an artist development with nothing to gain in return, these are the unsung heroes that put these artists on a platform to make “major” producers notice them … not YouTube and playing with the internet.”

Rvssian also responded to Butler’s comments.

“You ever produced a hit song? You can even build a riddim? You can’t even play football good [laughing emojis] my point was internet buss new artist. Anyway me nah go argue with no man who have but in him name,” one comment read.

In another, Rvssian wrote, “Long time I hear you don’t like me. So see it deh.”

Butler also hinted that the Dutty Money Riddim was made by a younger producer, which Rvssian is claiming to be his.

“Who knock over dutty money riddim? Who build Skeng – full moon? Who build jada x nine – turn me on? I can go all day- this n**a ain’t nothing but a fake and taking all the credit and have the nerve fi ask me if me have a hit song him need fi pree the catalogue,” he wrote.

Butler’s girlfriend also chimed in after he said he would pay any price to see Rvssian go live and make “dutty money riddim” from scratch.”

The woman whose IG is @shov.xo wrote, “you’ll pay that n**a any price but you still owe me money. What a sign [laughing emojis]”

In a live video, Rvssian also responded, telling Kyle he’ll put him on a payment plan to pay him after revealing that he built Dutty Money Riddim in 2009.

“Look pon this? You see what it name? Ding Dong Busta. You see when it was built? April 30, 2009. You know why it name Ding Dong Busta I originally build this riddim for Ding Dong and Busta was the inspiration. So a man really kinda owe me a million dollars even though me know him don’t really have it. Mi would put you pon a payment plan though,” the producer joked.

“If I didn’t build the riddim, why would I have the file with old machines, projects, all of my sessions? This is an old laptop, took me 30 minutes to turn on this junk,” he said as he opened up the production file showing his cuts and edits.

“I need mi million dollar by mawning,” Rvssian said.

Butler also had more to say about Rvssian on Twitter. “If unuh never know Tj Torry knocked over dutty money riddim and he is nowhere to be found in any YouTube description,” he tweeted.

“And is not just dutty money riddim – all these hit songs were not built by no Rvssian. Yet still takes all the glory for himself,” another tweet said.

Fans also dug up past tweets by Kyle revealing that he praised the producer for reprising Go Go Club and sill running dancehall.

“Rvssian sample him riddim one generation later and still hit wtf [fire emoi],” his tweet said.

Rvssian also trolled him with the audio of an old interview when he and his father had an altercation.

“You snitched on your father. You just a fan that didn’t get acknowledged. 1 million must frighten me?”

In the meantime, Butler says he’ll respond to Rvssian in a new track, which he teased on Monday afternoon.